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Created 2016-11-13
Owner r4pg
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Title Trove: a progression system for gems
Description So this is a combination of ideas that was brewing in my head on the way to work this morning.

Basically gem boxes from elemental worlds will be gaining karma - this is great! Now to expand this and add a line of progression would be better.

Add a gem booster reward to rare drops from gem boxes from U8/9 elemental worlds through the Trove Flux for sale. 50% top tier gem from the box and 50% chance for a gem booster pool drop. By pool I mean when a gem booster would drop 60% of the time it's 1 gem booster 30% 3 drop and 10% 5 boosters will drop.

Then add karma to empowered boxes so diamond dragon eggs are not impossible to get.

Lastly add a vendor in Everdark that sells 1 stellar of each type and color always max star (3 for emps and 2 for normal gems) his stock has random stats that cycle every hour, or make him only spawn in after finishing a colloseum and you have to finish another to get new gem stock. His small gems and large gems cost 1 egg each but to make it even in value the small ones roll with maxed value (though still random type) stats. This still doesn't make the gems random bonuses during leveling change so the system is still relatively unbeatable.

This would add a clear line of progression: Farm lots of elemental gem boxes in U8/9>.Get boosters from them 50% of the Trove Flux with a rare pops (karma helping even out luck) >. Get empowered boxes through luck or karma from gem booster boxes >

Get dragon eggs through luck or karma which can be hatched into the 3 dragons (with a lot of coins/dust) or traded in for good stellar gems which you can then hopefully get good upgrade luck on.

This doesn't make it remotely easy for a player to get stellar gems or dragon eggs as it requires farming a LOT of elemental gem boxes but it at least provides a real goal that isn't 100% RNG thanks to karma.

Edit: The NPC would only be in everdark zones and possibly only after finishing a colosseum. Only u8/9 elemental boosters should be able to drop gem booster boxes as a rare possibility.