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Created 2016-11-22
Owner r4pg
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Title Trove: the rest of the Trove team are probably the most chill
Description Is this going to be like most of the other giveaways where winners are completely random and "picking favorites" or is it actually going to be judged on the quality and time put in? Like my entries are usually pretty bad to be honest but I saw a lot of creations that were, really, just too good to be turned down through the Trove Flux for sale, and were anyway, to make way for creations that couldn't have taken nearly as much time out of that player's way. Don't get me wrong. These contests are pretty fun and all. It just seems off.

Reserving a spot. We have been building one for a while now but it still needs more work. if you want to take a look, just go /joinworld crystal cave and go west and just follow the path over the bridge and staircase and take a look around. ill edit the post when we finish it or just before the deadline.

I think it's fair to say that human beings can judge things differently. The contests are judged by human beings (and me) so we just do our best to pick what fits the specific contest best. If you disagree, that's totally cool. It's part of what makes life interesting.

For anyone who participates, make sure to give instructions for where to find the build since we won't have time to go searching. The easier it is to find, the better your chances of being noticed. It doesn't matter how good your build is, if it's not easy to find we'll never look at it.

I'm currently trying to shoot video of the course, but several things are conspiring against me in that goal. haha If you want to see the build in person, please type /joinworld defiant few and head through the blue portal right next to spawn.

The course is finished... mostly. Anyone watching my stream would be able to confirm I was having impossible ping issues, keeping me from really finishing it out. Hopefully, I'll be able to sort that out before judging begins. Hope you enjoy the build!

Ah, well. To each their own opinion, right? One thing I can say though, is that you and the rest of the Trove team are probably the most chill and down-to-earth devs out there. I want to pick up game-making and can only hope that my community is as friendly toward me as they are with you (granted I'm not really sure whether I'm capable of pulling a community this large!). Any other game developer would have shot me back some sarcasm or a warning to Buy Trove Flux , or not even responded at all, and the fact that you did, and within hours... Props to you guys, I really am inspired at how far you have brought this project and how well you maintain its community.

We accepted entries from everyone, but when we originally planned to grant prizes we were doing 1 grand prize and 5 runners up. When we went through everything we ended up with double that, so giving multiple prizes to one Club World would have been a lot.

Check your forum mail, you should have gotten a message to which has a code inside it. Enter the code into the redemption website and claim your prize. Also, runner ups only get 100 pins and not the ultimate pin party.