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Created 2016-12-23
Owner lccBuck
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Title Pandora Bangle Bracelets Christmas Sale
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This <a href="">Pandora Bangle Bracelets Christmas Sale</a> charm jewellery blog brings a review of the Pandora Petite Facet charm in the blue quartz colour.My blog has been pretty devoid of Pandora reviews in recent months and I should apologise for that. I promise I’ll try and rectify this moving forwards. The last couple of years have been really interesting for Pandora. They’ve taken a drastic change in direction with pavé charms becoming the norm. Simultaneously they’ve retired a lot of their glass and started to favour simpler designs.

One recent addition to the catalogue has been the <a href="">Pandora Gift Set Christmas Sale</a> Petite Facets. There was initially some confusion regarding the material used for these charms. Some are cubic zirconia, others are synthetic stone. After a recent trip to the new Pandora concept store close to me, I left with the blue quartz version. This is a synthetic, faceted stone in a lovely soft blue. Over the last couple of months there has been sporadic comments on my blog asking for comparisons between the Petite Facets and the Trollbeads Prisms, so I’ll include that below.

I’ve always liked the idea of these charms as I think they fit <a href="">Pandora Leather Bracelets Sale</a>’s new aesthetic perfectly. I have to admit I also feel they offer a more contemporary look compared to traditional glass charms. I’ll start by stating that I love these charms and I’m desperate for a second. The cores are branded but subtle and these are small charms but again I think this makes them neater on a bracelet.

I fell in love with a bracelet in the window of the concept store. It was oceanic themed featuring several of the blue quartz Petite Facets, the <a href="">Pandora Essence Bracelets Cheap</a>Dolphin, Sea Star and Splish Splash among some of the newer charms. As I have the latter two, it seemed a good bracelet project though initially I’m using the Pandora Bangle.

Those of you who follow me on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest) will have already seen how I’m wearing this bangle. I’m stacking it with a <a href="">Pandora Necklaces Cheap</a>
grey leather bracelet starring the Inner Radiance charm (and for reference it’s the Ohm Beads Water-ness locks holding it tight) and a Trollbeads Bangle with a single Pandora Ochre Fascinating.