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Created 2017-10-15
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Title Clean waterways enrich green lifestyle planning
About me Clean waterways enrich green lifestyle planning SMELLY waterways in the district will be subjected to a new, green method of dealing with pollution.Floating “ecological islands” have been created at eight sites. Plants growing on top of them will stretch their roots into waters below, absorbing nitrogen and phosphorous.The pseudo wetlands are but one element in Jing’an’s plans to turn itself into a world-class eco-district with clean waterways, riverbank promenades, greenbelts, gardens, outdoor sculptures and recreational areas. “We want to build an ecological city that competes with London and New York,” said Gong Mingjun, deputy director of the district’s green management authority. The river clean-up project is attracting public attention. In addition to purifying waterways, the creation of floating islands is expected to attract birds and butterflies, and beautify the surroundings for local residents. One floating island is on the Xiachangpu River in Pengpu Town. Roots of the plants on the island help clear the water of excess nutrients and toxins by attracting microbes that break down pollutants. Also, bio-film carrying microorganisms is added to help degrade heavy metals. The creation of the islands is combined with an aeration technology using what looks like solar panels on the islands. They help increase the oxygen levels in the water.
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