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Laser vert pointeur puissant
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laser 500mw photon absorbing material, instead of using a laser to destroy it, how is it easier to cast stones, considering the actual words, not necessarily to destroy laser 200mw targets the win, sticking to the other in the eyes With laser or strong light to make it blind This strategy is more practical than direct killing, "added Teng.
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Nanning a laser ophthalmologist Liu Tao powerful laser said he had a second year of student admissions last year, every day, laser 10000mw for a high-power laser pointer to play with me, there are moments found not bright laser pointer, use Right backed written exam. I think I was staring for about 3 seconds, suddenly feeling right in the darkness of the eyes. Parents sent after the survey.La première fois que j'ai eu ce pointeur laser puissant, ne savent pas vraiment comment ce gadget laser peut être si efficace dans la haute précision et de haute précision gammes ligne de fabrication industrielle.
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Utilisez la puissante lumière laser en tant que source d'émission de lumière, qui est capable de projeter de la lumière rouge visible et particulièrement lumineux clairement sur les surfaces ciblées.
cheap nike free 5.0 on
In the past several years the Free line has expanded and has become a bit of a juggernaut in the footwear world. Nike Frees are consistently among the best selling shoes in the US, and the top-selling shoe in the line is the Nike Free 5.0 , which I will review here.

Nike Free 5.0 V2 Blue Running workout shoes own health benefits 14910 much like exceptional, comfortableness feet medical care. The actual running shoes function the latest Powerful Fit framework, wrapping often the arch as well as assisting to eliminate the area between the foot as well as the shoe for your glove-like additional healthy.

The Nike Free Flyknit 5.0 does not feel anything like the Flyknits before it, and two, the real shoe out of the box looks nothing like those carefully manicured beauty shots. The shoe sits in the box curled up at both ends, the flexible Free outsole losing the battle with the elasticated upper.
PE Coating Aluminum Coil
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PE coating aluminum coil
PE coating aluminum coil

As the emerging newly material, color coated aluminum plate has features of high stability, high hardness, low specific gravity, corrosion resistance etc.

Compared with common plastic steel, color coated aluminum plate is poisonless and harmless,colorful, strong and durable that is several times of plastic steel, therefore, it becomes the ideal material for modern household decoration.

Fenghui Metal is a factory specialized in the production and processing of color coated aluminum plate, with years of production and management experience, which strictly requires the product quality including the basic plate type, mechanical property, coating property etc., and our products have features of strong corrosion resistance and long service life.
At the aforementioned time
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Likewise, if it comes to how City Bridge will acquaintance capacity of government advice requests, the the activity says something abundant added ambiguous than what I was told.As of backward 2013, 57 cities had borough wireless systems of some sort, a bulk that has and will abide to grow. At the aforementioned time, abnormally if it comes to New York City, this is a about abstinent frontier. The NYCLU sees its job as ensuring able aloofness protections are congenital in, so that city-limits wifi doesnt become addition affectionate of surveillance system, one whose cameras are accomplished on peoples internet activity.As wireless internet is added advised as a accessible account (or public-privacy affiliation utility, in this case), it will in actuality be a abode to which law administering turns for affirmation of wrongdoing.

The NYCLU is still accusation for the city-limits to amend its aloofness activity to be added explicit, because as it stands, abstracts about the internet activity of approved users could be kept indefinitely. Besides, lets alter the altercation so about fabricated by assembly of the intelligence establishment: if LinkNYC and the city-limits government has annihilation to adumbrate with commendations to (go to afterward their own declared policies, why abhorrence putting it in writing?
What does law administration do with
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Afterwards on the (link above program, Cruz responded to Bratton, adage its not hasty that the Democratic political henchmen are advancing afterwards me, and thats on the apprenticeship of Ambassador De Blasio. Cruz added, It would be arresting if his position is that we shouldnt convoying Muslim neighborhoods and convoying every neighborhood. Cruz afresh explained a approach that de Blasio shut down the abortive affairs because he, like a lot of adopted Democrats, is bound to the niceties of our politically actual culture:Mayor de Blasio came in and absitively that political definiteness mattered added than befitting humans safe, he disbanded the program. and compared Muslim communities to those disturbing with assemblage violence:Let me accord an example. If youre afraid with assemblage violence. Assemblage abandon is a complete botheration in a lot of places above the country.

What does law administration do with proactive policing? You go into the neighborhoods breadth assemblage abandon is a botheration and you plan proactively to get the assemblage associates off the street.When CBS hosts pushed Cruz to acknowledge to the actuality that the NYPD Muslim surveillance affairs was ineffective, he said: It is accurate that the de Blasio political henchmen say that. And its aswell accurate that the NYPD said that it provided admired intelligence. In the words of the accustomed arch the NYPD, sounds like Cruz doesnt apperceive what hes talking about.
Adidas NMD R1 Womens For Sale
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The color and the style is quite Adidas NMD Primeknit For Sale, keeping the same style similar to the French flag, it goes well with any red, blue, black and white so allowing us to match them with many different outfits. On the other hand they are that time of sneaker that never goes out of trend.

The modified XR1 colorway sports a solid white Adidas NMD R1 Womens For Sale upper equipped with matching leather heel cap, cage system, and lateral overlays symbolizing slopes of slow. Additional white tones covering the silhouette's laces, EVA inserts, sock liner, and full-length Boost midsole unit compliment the colorway's theme. Special edition Titolo branding is found on the rear leather pull tabs and left tongue tab alongside Adidas branding on the right. An icy blue, translucent outsole unit ready for any trail completes the upcoming release. Pairs are set to debut exclusively at Titolo on March 18th for $180, followed by a global release March 25th at select Adidas Originals retailers.

Summer is fast approaching and we're sure all you Adidas NMD R1 Mens For Sale are excited to head out to your favourite beach resorts, but for this post, we thought of sharing an outfit that would actually complement the cool weather we've been experiencing lately. The weather is neither too cold or too hot, and reminds us of the hot cup of cocoa we had when we headed up north to Baguio. For some, they might even prefer sleeping in. This is actually the best time to bring out your favourite jackets because you actually have a reason to.

The Adidas NMD R1 'Solar Red', 'Triple Black', and 'Triple White' are Adidas Gazelle Womens For Sale later this month. All three sport single toned mesh uppers alongside matching laces, eyelets, heel cap, pull tabs, EVA inserts, and a full-length Boost outsole unit. Expect pairs to begin restocking February 24th at select various Adidas retailers around the globe like Caliroots. Check in with your local retailers for availability information.
entered into a development to maddenvip
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tale of its own. And the game's team, still hard at work, definitely has been earning its experience points all along the way. News of this RPG first emerged at <a href="">Madden NFL 18 Coins</a> officially in 2007, when then-independent studio Big Huge Games and publisher THQ announced they had entered into a development agreement to create an RPG, at the time known internally as Crucible.The game was notable in a couple respects -- one being that Big Huge was more known for PC strategy games like Rise of
The achievement abandoned lagged briefly
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It seemed like something he could adamant out afore recording the final adaptation of the album.Brinkman has appear a bulk of educational hip-hop albums on a ambit of topics, including beastly nature, wilderness, and evolution. For this latest altitude manifestation, he aloft about $15,000 through an IndieGogo campaign. Up next: bogus intelligence.The Wednesday night army abandoned numbered abutting to 20, but Brinkman managed to accumulate anybody affianced throughout. Im appealing abiding he fabricated eye acquaintance with me at atomic a scattering of times.

The achievement abandoned lagged briefly if it seemed to get a bit repetitive, but already we got to the bathe breadth in which the admirers appropriate capacity hed absent it was an animating dart to the end. I appropriate media coverage, which he somehow managed to cobweb with ammunition beef in what appeared to be a accustomed transition.I larboard the amphitheater activity added hopeful about altruism than I had the endure time Id been there, if a bold indie achievement acquainted collapsed and uninspired. If annihilation abroad Baba Brinkman is inspired, and preachers of altitude activity or deniers of altitude change could account from an hour of his time, and his rhyme.
Morano was traveling to ask him about
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Morano was traveling to ask him about the quote, and catechism if hes afflicted his apperception because its alive in New York City-limits aback 2000. He never got to accost the scientist, because Oppenheimer was abruptly pulled into a meeting. This, I guess, was declared to acrylic Oppenheimer as a alarmist and a liar, and arm-twist Circadian Actualization levels of amusement in the audience.Mostly, I acquainted like I was watching the antecedent actual for every individual accessible admission actualization parody. I cringed a lot, but I didnt beam once.Climate Hustle did not accomplish a adequate case adjoin human-driven all-around warming. Morano, aided by statements from a accumulating of arresting altitude deniers like Judith Curry and Patrick Moore, is a lot of anxious with attempting to blow holes in boilerplate science. For example, he argues that the ceremony that 97% of altitude scientists accordant that altitude change is complete and acquired by bodies is based on a adulterated study.

According to Morano, the 97% accomplishment is fatigued from a assay that activate that 75 out of 77 altitude scientists accede that altitude change is a manmade phenomenon. This hinges on the acceptance that any alterity a allotment of altitude scientists is affidavit that their abstracts is bunk, their motivations political. It doesnt bulk that, by this logic, just two of 77 altitude scientists would accede with him.
Acknowledgment to Arctic Carolinas
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Acknowledgment to Arctic Carolinas transphobic HB2 law, bathrooms acquire acquired cachet as the battlefield for the agitation over analysis of transgender Americans. Admiral Obamas advertisement today that all accessible schools acquire to abutment auto accepting bath choices added reenforced the actualization that bathrooms are breadth auto bodies acquaintance the a lot of harassment.But for transgender youth, aggravation is everywhere. And studies advance the fixation on bathrooms takes too attenuated a actualization of the obstacles auto adolescence face.First, the numbers. In 2011, the Civic Centermost for Transgender Equality and the Civic Gay and Lesbian Task Force surveyed 1,876 accepting who bidding a transgender actualization or gender non-conformity in grades K-12.Heres what they found: 78% arise accepting addled at academy by students, agents and staff, while 12% said theyd been sexually assaulted.National Centermost for Transgender Equality and the Civic Gay and Lesbian Task ForceAmerican Indian (24%), multiracial (18%), Asian (17%), and Atramentous (15%) and male-to-female auto bodies arise the accomplished ante of beastly assault.

A abounding 84% of female-to-male respondents, meanwhile, said theyd been harassed.The allegation of abusage by agents and staff, as adjoin to students, are decidedly awkward accustomed the roles they are declared to play as guardians. Latinos and multiracial accepting arise the accomplished ante of such abuse.Nor does aggravation stop if these accepting adeptness college: 15% said they abandoned out as a aftereffect of their transition.Such accepted aggravation cannot be occurring abandoned in or alfresco a academy bathroom.
Given that attempts at abatement
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During abide nights adventure of Roots, Cheep user 5ftanomaly came out in abutment of the series, pointing out the aggregate it captivated for a aggregate of ancestors who, even today, adeptness not acquire the a lot of all-embracing animate adeptness of what American bullwork entailed.Its affliction my soul. Its not her accountability thats shes blind but it is a admonition of how abounding of us dont apperceive our history. Creole Nymph Jawn (5ftanomaly) June 2, 2016Depending on beyond a adolescent goes to academy actuality in the U.S. and what their parents acquire to teach, the aggregate to which they in actuality acquire the history of atramentous enslavement can adapt wildly. Throughout history, academy commune acquire accomplished curricula that either downplayed the appulse of bullwork or attempted to casting it in a complete light.

Given that attempts at abatement bullwork from history is still complete abundant a affair that happens in America, the argument in favor of works like Roots and Nate Parkers The Bearing of a Nation, a alarm of Nat Turners apostasy in 1831, yield on added significance. For all of their carelessness and brutality, they admonish bodies of a absoluteness that lies not as far in the accomplished as bodies would like to anticipate and whose impacts still bell today.How abounding of our bodies just dont apperceive any of this?
As LGBTQ bodies who lived through
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It’s no abstruse that abroad men who are gay — and abandoned doubtable of accepting gay — are targeted for execution; today, that blackmail has able the Affiliated States. Log Cabin Republicans extends our centermost sympathy, condolences, and affliction to the victims and families of those targeted in this morning’s violence. If the shooter’s doubtable motivations are actually confirmed, we all-overs aloft Admiral Obama and the presumptive nominees of both parties to adjudge the antagonist and accede in no ambiguous acceding the could could could could could could could cause of this massacre: Abolitionist Islamic terrorism.Republicans acquire fabricated a could could could could could could could cause of badgering Admiral Obama to use the byword abolitionist Islamic agitation to all-overs alarm attacks, even admitting abounding in the Muslim affiliation feel it unfairly assembly Islam with terrorism, and plays into the calmly of groups like ISIS that ambition to characterize Western affiliation as accepting at war with Islam.The admiral has refrained from appliance the phrase, opting instead to all-overs out agitated extremism. Afresh Donald Trump declared on Obama to abandon over his abnegation to use the phrase.The ablaze demagoguery by Angelo and the Log Cabin Republicans stands in abrupt adverse to the calls for adherence bidding by abounding LGBTQ groups in the deathwatch of these attacks.

As LGBTQ bodies who lived through the AIDS crisis, we apperceive what it looks like and feels like to be scapegoated and abandoned in the bosom of a crisis that in actuality requires solidarity, affinity and accord from all quarters, wrote the affiliation of LGBTQ organizations, which includes arresting advancement groups like GLAAD and the Beastly Rights Campaign. We abode to all in our movement and all who abutment us to bandage calm in abnegation abhorrence and abandon in all its actualization animate forms, their letter continued. Let us bend affiliated as a assorted LGBTQ affiliation of abounding faiths, races, ethnicities, nationalities and backgrounds.
Amateur Aziz Ansari has accounting
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Amateur Aziz Ansari has accounting a belittling op-ed for The New York Times about Donald Trump and the racist fears the presidential candidates incites about Muslims.“Today, with the presidential appellant Donald J. Trump and others like him spewing abhorrence speech, ageism is extensive new levels,” Ansari writes. “It’s visceral, and scary, and it affects how bodies live, plan and pray. It makes me abashed for my family. It aswell makes no sense.”Ansari describes how he texted his mother, who is Muslim, to abstain traveling to the abbey afterwards the Orlando acid that larboard 49 bodies comatose and dozens added injured.“The acid bulk of Muslim Americans acquire as abundant in accustomed with that monster in Orlando as any white accepting has with any of the white terrorists who shoot up cine theaters or schools or aborticide clinics,” Ansari writes.The Master of None architect and ablaze writes that he was a declared “terrorist” by anyone in a car in New York anon afterwards the Sept. 11th agitator attacks.

And Trump’s “vitriolic and hate-filled abode advancing from Mr. Trump isn’t so far off from cursing at strangers from a car window.”Additionally, Ansari, who was a apprentice at NYU on 9/11, refutes Trump’s affirmation that “thousands” of Muslims were adulatory in New Jersey afterwards the attacks. “There was in actuality no cheering. Abandoned sadness, abhorrence and fear.”Ansari writes that the way to anticipate attacks such as Orlando is “keep military-grade ammunition out of the calmly of mentally ambiguous people, those with a history of violence, and those on F.B.I. watch lists.”Meanwhile, Trump on Saturday (slightly) backtracked on his anxiety for a ban on Muslim immigrants, adage he would bind Muslims from agitator states.Prior to Trump’s comments, Ansari summed up his thoughts on the op-ed and Trump in one tweet.
The city limits of Harrison hosted
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The city-limits of Harrison hosted its first-ever pride blow endure weekend, cartoon both celebrants and protesters in the babyish Arkansas association broadly advised an epicenter of Ku Klux Klan activityanized in the deathwatch of the annihilation at the Pulse bistro in Orlando, the Harrison Pride Fest was an befalling for the LGBTQ association and its allies to arise calm in the city-limits of about 13,000 people. Our allotment of the country has been able-bodied accustomed for bigotry and backwardness for so long, aborigine Cynn Parton told bounded annual abject KFSM. They’re a accomplished of us who reside actuality who don’t access that and we don’t appetite to be labeled like that anymore.

Association of the city, amid in Arkansas Boone County, access affiliated struggled to get out from beneath the adumbration casting by a bulk of hate-groups which access acclimatized in the area—most notably, the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, whose civic director, Thomas Robb reportedly lives nearby, advancement a Harrison abode for business purposes. Harrison is a in actuality nice abode to live,” Robb told Carnality in a 2014 contour of the city. “I doubtable thats because its majority white. In 2013, bounded ABC associate KATV arise that abandoned 34 of the citys about association are black, according to the 2010 census. In 2014, the KKK sponsored a advance for White Pride Radio in Harrison.
The jazz are interested in trade for deron Williams
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According to NBA reporter Marc Stein and Tim MacMahon, sources, Sir Interest in a transaction to deron Williams back to Utah.
Sources close to the Dallas for deron Williams and Andrew bogut is open, but so far, Dallas and Utah will deal deron has yet to have substantial progress.
The jazz this season's starting point guard George hill, but he is due to a toe injury this season has been short of war games. Hill to play jazz record of 23 - and when the jazz record for only 12-13 when hill was absent.
At the 2005 NBA draft convention, the jazz in the first round. 3 selected deron. Since calderon Sir For the six seasons, averaging 17.3 points and 3.2 rebounds in 35.6 minutes and 9.1 assists, and gradually grow to the league's top point guards.
In a three-way deal in 2011, Williams was sent to the brooklyn nets, but calderon is still stay in Salt Lake City has a set of properties. In 2015 he was the nets made redundant, then joined the hometown club Dallas. Last summer, deron 1 year 9 million with the mavs to complete the contract.
So far this season, a total of 40 appearances, he is averaging 13.1 points and 2.6 rebounds in 29.3 minutes and 6.9 assists.
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Accepting in that together
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Accepting in that together, White told the team. Thats big. Thats big. Its bigger than basketball, right? Bigger than basketball. Alright? So lets go out and lets use that energy. Lets use that brotherhood on the floor. The Fever lost, catastrophe their division and the affiance of added protests. But the Indianapolis Brilliant batten to three Indiana Pacers players, in appearance for the game, who seemed accessible to the achievability of accustomed the Fevers beef over to the NBA season.

“There’s a lot of things traveling on, you know? And we abandoned abrasion jerseys on the court,” Pacers addition CJ Afar said. “We absolutely accept what’s traveling on out there, and it’s something that could appear to us on the artery as well. If we can advice ceremony added and accomplish a difference, that’s what we should be doing. We should be acknowledging ceremony other, aggravating to bigger the world.”
Obsidian Covers The Nike Roshe Two Leather
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Recently featured in its off-white and black variants, the newly-introduced Nike Roshe Two Leather is now revealed in obsidian as part of its 2007 lineup.Exuding a sleeker and lifestyle-inclined aesthetic,nike roshe run venta the defining navy tone essentially drapes the clean leather component, which bears tonal details such as embossed Swooshes, laces and stitching.

Additional elements include vachetta tan leather heel pull tabs and metallic silver lace tips to pronounce its design,nike roshe run while it’s topped off with a two-tone full-length sole unit that is highlighted by a versatile gum outsole.You can purchase this pair at select Nike retailers overseas first, while a stateside release is imminent.

Already offered in a bevy of colorways, the Nike Roshe One SE has received an update to welcome the new year, as it’s now treated in a versatile colorway of legion green/velvet brown.Composed of perforated mesh throughout its upper for superb breathability,nike roshe run 3m textile overlays provide additional reinforcement while still offering a lightweight feel. The defining hue essentially covers the composition, while velvet brown accents are seen on the Swooshes, inner lining, pull tabs and eyelets.

Finally, a crisp white sole unit with a rubber waffle outsole for traction rounds out the simplistic design.You can purchase this pair at select Nike retailers overseas first, while a stateside release is imminent.While it’s also offered in its original and flyknit constructions, this rendition dons a more premium and lifestyle-inclined aesthetic with its leather roshe run nm Grey/off-white simply drapes the clean component, while it’s detailed with matching elements such as embossed Swooshes, laces and stitching.
Slots for Infusions are alone
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Players angry a barbarian in Agony will see their bloom allotment credibility bottomward continuously, and they will not be able to stop it except by architecture attrition with Infusions, a new upgrade.

Slots for Infusions are alone accessible on new Ascended gear. Ascended items are rarer than Exotic but not absolutely as appropriate as Legendary.The aboriginal Infusions and Ascended items will be added to Guild Wars 2 after this month, but Murdock promised that added progression is on the way.
Nike Free Train Force Flyknit Vendita Ingrosso
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<a href=""><img src=""/></a>

Il look tutto sneaker bianco è tornato per questa estate, e solo in caso si sta avendo un momento difficile scegliere quale silhouette al rock perché non optare per il classico istantaneamente <a href="">Nike Free Scarpe promozioni</a>? L'ultima volta che abbiamo visto la sagoma era in uno schema quasi rovesciata di quello nella foto sopra per celebrare 10 ° anniversario di Nike Free nella genealogia di raccolta libero. La maglia bianca superiore contribuirà a mantenere la vostra aria condizionata piedi, mentre gli unici accenni di una tonalità non-bianco è il nero a contrasto trovato sul Swoosh e la lingua di branding. Cosa ne pensi? Ancora nessuna parola ancora su un rilascio negli States, ma solo in caso si sta fiending per questi in questo momento, oltre al capo Titolo di afferrare il vostro formato ora.

La <a href="">Nike Free Train Force Flyknit Vendita Ingrosso</a> genealogia di "Black Pack" libero è stato un anno difficile da rintracciare al dettaglio. Sembra che alcune delle scarpe da ginnastica del gruppo sono finalmente presentarsi al dettaglio però. La Nike Free Run 2, una sneaker che è goduto di uno stile di vita piuttosto un po 'più a lungo di quanto il tuo media corridore libero, è la volontà di andare in palio alla fine di questa settimana - anche se il presti, calzini, e OG libero sembra essere ancora MIA. Continua a leggere per acquisire familiarità con questa Nike Free Run release 2 SP e afferrare 5/31 da CNCPTS se ti piace quello che vedete qui sotto.

Con Air Max giorno meno di un mese dietro di noi e il rispetto per quei primi Tinker Hatfield progetta lo indicò, è possibile che non stiamo pienamente apprezzare uno dei più grandi scarpe da corsa di tutti i tempi nella sua corsa originale. E abbiamo avuto un tempo prolungato per apprezzare la <a href="">Nike Free TR 5 Factory Store Online</a> 2, che nella produzione costantemente nuove varianti nel suo quarto anno consecutivo, ha superato anche la Air Max 95 e Tuned 1 da subito la transizione dal suo ciclo di futuro prodotto in tutto il giorno, ogni giorno disponibilità. L'ultima nuova ruga nella progettazione di queste coppie è l'uso di un unico design di colore-split vedrete su coppie grigio con tacchi rossi o blu in altre foto dopo il salto, poi poliziotto uno o tutti e due a negozi come Caliroots.

La <a href="">Nike Free Flyknit NSW Svendita</a> è stato uno dei più folli formatori retrò in Nike 90s catalogo grazie ad una costruzione a doppia cinghia unica, alta arcuati slip-on fit calzino-like, e uno stuolo di varianti audaci completi con una intersuola in marmo. L'omonimo Carnivore non restituito troppo indietro nella forma del modernizzato Nike Free Huarache Carnivore in cui che la doppia-strap sul colletto avampiede e caviglia restituito riposo in cima a un 5,0 unità suola libero mentre tocchi di serie Huarache premuti tomaia. NikeLab portato lo sguardo in una serie di finiture monocromatiche, ma ora atmosfera del OG Carnivore ritorna grazie alla marmorizzazione intersuola originale e toni del verde acqua in tutto. E 'la perfetta combinazione di vecchio e nuovo per il 2016 la stagione primaverile. Cosa ne pensi del look? Guarda le foto più dettagliate qui sotto e si aspettano questa coppia per colpire rivenditori NikeLab nel prossimo futuro.

La <a href="">Nike Free Flyknit Mercurial Superfly Saldi Pnline</a> era un must-have silhouette risalente all'estate del 2016. Una serie di incredibili coppie rilascio generale invaso il mercato unico a scomparire rapidamente dagli scaffali dei negozi, seguita dalle offerte ancora più esclusivo HTM visto sui piedi di Mark Parker se stesso. Non è troppo difficile capire perché l'avvio di calcio di ispirazione è stata un tale successo. Non solo la suola libera tradizionale aggiungere un cuscino familiare e flessibilità per la corsa, ma una misura superiore e calzino-come Flyknit elegante aggiungere un conforto blocco che bisogna provare per credere. Siamo sicuri che questo quasi tripla Bianco estetico seguirà le orme del passato Mercurial Superfly scende come molti sono impazienti l'uscita primavera 2016. Abbiamo una buona notizia per quelli di voi dimora attraverso l'Atlantico: la Nike Free Mercurial Superfly "Triple White" rilascerà nei mercati europei il 28 aprile. Certo, ci sono anche gli accenti di screziature nero sul intersuola così come accenni di Gym rosso sulla scheda tallone, ma questo è il più vicino a un all-white-tutto Mercurial Superfly che andremo a vedere. Check out più foto ufficiali inferiori e rimanete sintonizzati per un rilascio negli States nel prossimo futuro.