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Title This is called a positive
Description Erst hardware needs a few days ago, that the Alpha client was leaked. Blizzard has once again pointed out that the benefit or items of data thus become known a violation of the EULA darstelle.Zum start the technical Alpha but this is canceled, because for the first test phase, there will be no nondisclosure agreement. It may therefore be posted to your heart's screenshots and videos. Also live streams are expressly erw├╝nscht.Momentan it is you unfortunately not yet possible to risk even a few first steps in Heroes of the Storm. In order to meet the future but perhaps invited for the beta, you log in with your account, and sets there in the Beta Profile Settings a hook at Spiel.Meldet ye for the beta or waiting for her to release to you to form their own opinions about Blizzard's new MOBA? Source The Secret World Positive cash flow despite lower sales, according to the latest financial report listed Funcom sales decline of nearly 3.5 million euros in the fourth quarter of 2013 compared to last year. Among the reasons is called competition. Nevertheless, it comes to MMOs well. It is again that time of year, submit to the Company in relation to its shareholders and investors financial reports and talk about the future. Also Funcom now has its quarterly report completed and is in addition to the problems with the authorities also referred to the decline in sales in the fourth quarter of 2013. In this the developer has namely generated only $ 4.27 million in sales. A year earlier it was at this time still 7.78 million. Nevertheless, the MMO The Secret World and Age of Conan are still selling well, or earned plenty of money. This is called a positive cash flow and predicts that this on.The also have in the near future stock blame for the loss of one pushes on competition and the fact that The Secret World have sold better by the release in the fourth quarter of 2012. In addition, you have major investments toward LEGO Minifigures online. Total Funcom is the situation so positively. In the matter with the tax authorities