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Created 2016-03-20
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Title Mr.Tanko water tank cleaning services Mix
Description The Mr. Tanko™ way of doing it What fits for your pot doesn’t suit your water tank. Cleaning a water tank calls for an expert. Someone who is fully equipped and fully trained for the The process: The six step cleaning process is been used to clean the water tank that involves modern technology and the equipment along with anti-bacterial agents which are safe, effective, eco-friendly. Step 1 : Draining The openings of the tanks and surroundings are cleaned off dirt particles after which the water up to the foot-valve level is pumped out using special drainer pump. Step 2 : Sludge/Mud Removal In the Second Step of Sludge/Mud Removal which has settled on the floor of the tank is sucked out using our special Cleaning equipment. Step 3 : High Pressure Jet Cleaning All the walls & roof of the tanks are completely cleaned using special high pressure jet cleaners which get rid of the walls off calcinations. Step 4 : Vacuum Cleaning An Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is used to remove all the resultant contaminants, sludge and the dirt making the tank absolutely clean & Safe. Step 5 : Sprinkling Anti-BacterialAgents This is the most important cleaning process using Anti-bacterial agent for treatment of the inner walls of the tank to assure complete sterilization from microorganism attack using specially selected Mr. Tanko™ Anti-Bacterial Agents. Step 6 : UV-Radiation/ Ozonation Finally in the Sixth Step of the Mr. Tanko™ Cleaning process, sterilization and disinfection is done using UV Radiation or Ozonation by using a specially developed UV or Ozone Radiator which is used to kill any remaining or floating bacteria in the tank to be certain about the cleanliness. Prevention begins at home The roots of clean and a healthy life begin at home. And the roots of healthy environment don’t lie deep within. Instead it lies at the top. Potable water tanks to be precise. Be it housing societies or corporate conglomerates, clean water addresses a major concern of deadly water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid, hepatitis or jaundice. Mr. Tanko™ understands the need of the hour. Also we understand that creating hygienic living atmosphere demands something more than mere scrubbing of walls and floor of the water tank. Or for that matter, removing mud from the bottom and flushing out the water. It asks for periodic. Mr. Tanko™ is a professional water tank cleaning agency which adopts scientific methods that make way for clean potable water to every household in the locality. Adding to it are two major factors which make Mr. Tanko, the preferred choice for your water tank cleaning activity. • With a decade of creating clean ecosystems for housing societies, Mr. Tanko™ understands the minutest need for cleaning water tanks • Mr. Tanko™ has a reputed background and is capable of giving the highest standard of service every time you opt for us • Mr. Tanko™ employees are well trained in the tank cleaning activity