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Created 2016-05-03
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Title Example for vipaionkinah this guidebook
Description Now surely for all these of you who've played a number of mmorpgs before, you comprehend that leveling up in Aion will probably be unique from character to character, and of course it depends upon the side you select, Elyos or Asmodian. For this Aion leveling guide, I will use Elyos Scout like a base example for vipaionkinah this guidebook.

Nonetheless this guidebook seriously may want to apply to all courses and almost certainly both factions, Asmodian would have a diverse quest but the equivalent rhythm, for all those who are taking element in Asmodian just the do the equivalent quest (I've played the two faction from degree 1-10 so I know..).

The emphasis from the Aion leveling guidebook is going to be "How to consider your character from 1 to 10 in 6 hour or less".