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Created 2017-05-02
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Title Laser vert pointeur puissant
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laser 500mw photon absorbing material, instead of using a laser to destroy it, how is it easier to cast stones, considering the actual words, not necessarily to destroy laser 200mw targets the win, sticking to the other in the eyes With laser or strong light to make it blind This strategy is more practical than direct killing, "added Teng.
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Nanning a laser ophthalmologist Liu Tao powerful laser said he had a second year of student admissions last year, every day, laser 10000mw for a high-power laser pointer to play with me, there are moments found not bright laser pointer, use Right backed written exam. I think I was staring for about 3 seconds, suddenly feeling right in the darkness of the eyes. Parents sent after the survey.La première fois que j'ai eu ce pointeur laser puissant, ne savent pas vraiment comment ce gadget laser peut être si efficace dans la haute précision et de haute précision gammes ligne de fabrication industrielle.
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Utilisez la puissante lumière laser en tant que source d'émission de lumière, qui est capable de projeter de la lumière rouge visible et particulièrement lumineux clairement sur les surfaces ciblées.