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Description At the thought of all the palace eunuchs who were still in the hall, they dared not breathe. They were afraid that if they were not careful, they would be killed. "What else did Zhang Yi do?" Hearing the inquiry of Emperor Ling of the Han Dynasty, the little eunuch opened his mouth, "Not yet, but all of them are going west. The Mongolian county is still building this city, and there is not much military action." Han Ling emperor didn't know Zhang Yi's plan, but as long as it's not toward Luoyang, for the big fellow's territory, even if Liu Hong again want to shake the power and prestige, now can't have a drag. Now that the foot soldiers are expanding their territory, I can't sit back and do nothing, immediately pass the decree, the north of the town to deal with fief matters! The little eunuch and all the people in the hall were somewhat incredulous, as if they did not believe their own ears. But the clerk can not care about these, the decree has been arranged in accordance with the wishes of His Majesty the Emperor, as long as the seal can be stamped, just as everyone feels that the sun is coming out from the west. Heard a hurried footsteps, a little eunuch into the hall and knelt down, to the Han Ling Emperor Liu Hong reported: "The slave knock to see your majesty!"! Several ministers came outside and asked to see His Majesty the Emperor. As soon as he heard that the minister, Emperor Ling of the Han Dynasty, was somewhat unnatural, but his movements did not stop. He quickly stamped the imperial seal on the imperial edict and handed it to a eunuch. Soon, a group of guards protected several eunuchs and headed for Zhangjiacun. This is also a matter of no way, who let Zhang Yi this guy Shenlong see the beginning but not the end, Zhangjiacun as Zhang Yi's base camp, as long as they go there,<a href="">Nail Making Machine price</a>, they can hand in the job, if they go all over the world to find Zhang Yi. It is estimated that even if you want to die, also may not meet Zhang Yi one side, Han Ling Emperor Liu Hong is not stupid, so the imperial edict went one step first, these ministers want to play things, may be related to Zhang Yi against the Qiang tribe this time. Hum! A group of old stubborn, if you know the beautiful world of immortals, there will be people here, although the Han Ling emperor thought so,<a href="">Nail production machine</a>, but can not do so, now still have to pay attention to the image. Let them come in! Zhang Yi is not clear about the battle between the monarch and his subjects, and now Zhang Yi doesn't care if he knows it. He has occupied a large area outside the profit, including more than a dozen Qiang tribes. Chapter 512 God has the virtue of loving life. Zhang Lin's army has arrived at Jishi Mountain, and the invincible Iron-blooded Rider is approaching the Kunlun Mountains. Under the leadership of Huang Hansheng, the Wolf Army occupied the entire Qaidam Basin along the Western Regions. The speed of the three-way army is very fast, especially Zhang Lin encountered the most tribes, because close to the big fellow's territory, many transactions are carried out at the border, so basically the Qiang tribe here has been a bit of sinicization. Tens of thousands of lion army wielding sword spear, surging to the Qiang warriors, for these guys become surrounded by the posture, of course, more than these, hundreds of thousands of troops are constantly emerging, neat with hundreds of military forces, or the kind of elite. Hold it! Make sure you get those bastards back! Qiang leaders are now a little hoarse, but now the form is not optimistic, <a href="">iron nail machine</a> ,<a href="">wire nail machine manufacturers</a>, even at this time the number of Qiang warriors or one hundred thousand. But after several fights, everyone has come back to the taste, want to defeat the lion army today is impossible, after an afternoon of fighting, dead on the ground, basically all their soldiers, Qiang soldiers is really heavy casualties. And the lion army also suffered more than a thousand casualties, most of them are wounded, the death toll is only a few hundred people, these are too unlucky, but these are elite, or heartache, it can be said that Zhang Lin learned a lot from it. Chief, we have suffered heavy losses. We can't fight any more! The Qiang soldiers who saw the situation clearly all opened their mouths and said to the Qiang leader, but they didn't understand. Now even if the Qiang leaders want to fight has been impossible, all the foot soldiers as long as the beginning of fear, as long as there is a qualified general will improve morale, if it is not, can only think of ways to break through.
Qiang chief looked at the guy who spoke, since the war to the present, has been this guy in the ear, think of these things on the heart suffocated, especially these leaders. Usually like a local emperor, there by his hands, especially at this time, is simply disturbing the morale of the troops, "bastard!"! How dare you talk too much? Go to hell! This guy is also really, did not have the ability to kill the lion legion foot soldiers, toward the side of this guy, but also in this guy with expectant eyes looking at the leader, did not expect to give him the answer is a knife. Has not yet made an effective resistance, this talkative guy got the punishment he deserved, of course, some of the feeling of suffering from the fish in the pond, is also a little more chaotic within the Qiang warriors. No, chief! I don't want to die yet! As soon as he blocked it with his arm, the knife was already in front of him, and after cutting off his arm, it continued to come toward his chest, and the fellow fell off his horse's back at once. Everyone saw this situation unconsciously away from the leader a little bit, if this guy started crazy, they can also respond in time, especially the leader holding the power of life and death. Like that unlucky guy, just a moment of things, was cut open the stomach, see is already unable to live, the war here is just a microcosm, whether it is Huang Hansheng or Mo Zhe invincible. Have encountered such a stubborn enemy, the lion legion is still trying to destroy these guys, or Zhang Lin first found something wrong, and then looked at the nearby place, but Zhang Lin did not expect. Zhang Yi has been in the top of everyone's head, the enemy's figure has been hidden, if not for those wounded, Zhang Lin may also be confused, it seems that the wounded have disappeared, Zhang Lin in this world is clear about this. I'm afraid only Zhang Yi this eldest brother can have this kind of ability, looked at the following battle is imminent, like to show off Zhang Yi flashed the figure,<a href="">Automatic nail machine</a>, so standing on the top of the people, facing the Qiang warriors. God has the virtue of loving life! If you don't lay down your arms, when will you? 。 <a href=""></a>