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Title OSRS Underground Pass Quest Overview For Newbie
Description Underground Pass serves as The third and final quest of the Elf quest series. It takes you on a lengthy journey through the dungeon close to Ardougne city. The goal is to discover the dungeon on the instructions of King Lathas and during the process, you'll meet the corrupted brother of King Lathas named Tyras. OSRS Underground Pass Requirements It is necessary to complete the quests: Biohazard and Plague City for further progress. You need your Ranged at 25 levels. Use two ropes, two ropes and bow, spade, and five non-poisoned archers with metal arrow tips.You'll be able to obtain a Plank a Bucket, and Tinderbox in the course of the quest. There will be a couple of enemies to fight Bring armor Food, Potions, as well as a weapon. Walkthrough Contact King Lathas on the first floor of the Ardougne Castle to begin the quest. The King will direct you to speak with Koftik, who is located at the outside of the Dungeon. Thus, you must go through the gates to the west until you get to the entrance in the cave. Talk to him about the cave to learn about the underground pass and then meet him at the bridge once you've entered. The three pathways that run in a different direction. Take the southern path and walk over the pile of rocks to find Koftik. He'll give you an Oily Cloth. Continue north till you cross a small river, and right across it, you'll find the guide rope anchoring the bridge up. Use a lit arrow to shoot it, and the bridge will come down. You can cross it, and then take the plank towards the north. Take a southerly direction from here, avoid the spider and then switch to east. If you encounter an area with some water and a swing, use your rope on the hanging rock to climb to the other side. Continue to the eastern path Then head south to discover Koftik standing in front of the grid. The tiles on the grid can cause damage, so it is essential to choose the correct path to cross. Pull the lever once you're there , and you'll be able to let the gates open. Head north to locate a furnace. Head towards the west and find an uninspiring corridor. You can either remove the traps that are on the walls or run through them while taking care of yourself. On the other hand, there will be a well and an altar. There are four distinct pathsto follow, so you'll need to take the northern path first. Use the plank in your inventory placed on the flat rock to break the traps. Pass them by until near the top of the tunnel to acquire the Orb of Light. Go to the northwest through the spider and Ogres to find the orb. Go back to the middle path. Follow the traps exactly as on the other paths. If you're on the final path which runs to the southwest, you'll be required to disarm the traps before you grab the orb. Once you have the 4 orbs you have in the inventory head back to the furnace area and eliminate them by making them a part of the furnace. Go down the well to get to the next level. Make your way through the cave until you arrive at an area that has cages. Select the lock of the first cage to the left. To the rear inside the cage, find that the floor appears to be slightly off. This will lead you to a secret tunnel when you put your spade on the ground. Begin your journey across the narrow ledge, and you'll be able to access the maze to find underground pass osrs. The maze is made up of beams. Therefore, you need to first turn right and then left two times. You can also bypass it if you've got fifty thieves (picklock the door on the south side). After you're done, go south through the pipe entrance. If you go to the second room you'll see the unicorn in a cage, and your goal is to get its horn. In the cage grab a railing piece, head back up to look for a boulder and then use the boulder to loosen it so that it will crush the unicorn. Back down, you can pick the horn and walk through the northern tunnel. You will travel north until you encounter a group of paladins: Sir Carl, Sir Harry and Jerro. You need to attack them to earn their badges, but be sure that you've contacted them prior to starting to attack. You can now walk west until you find another well, and you'll need to make use of the unicorn's Horn and the three crests to open the door next to you. Koftik will appear in front of you. Once you've finished speaking then walk along the eastern side of the walk, then go west till you arrive at a cave. Once you're at the bottom, you'll find three dwarves; Niloof, Kamen, and Klank. Contact them for an inexhaustible supply of food, and you are also able to pick up the Tinderbox located in the eastern building as you'll need it later. Niloof talks about the witches, Klnak will give you his gantlets, and Kamen offers you a variety of the brews that will improve your HP, however it'll lower the Agility of your character. Step up the staircase and walk towards the northeast until you find a house. Continue north, then turn onto a pathway to continue ahead. From there, head south to find Kardia's residence. Once you're near you'll hear Kardia talking about her cat who disappeared. Now, head north to take the western path, jump the jap, and then go north to find the missing cat. Pick the cat, use it to open the door of the witch's house, after which, when she has collected her cat, she will open the door and explore through the chest. Two potions will be found as well as a history of the iban and a doll from iban. You need to make use of the doll to obtain 4 elements from iban, which can then be used to imbue it with the power of iban. Head north from Kardia's residence Then change directions to west. Begin to hunt down the demons in search of their amulets. Walk to the north of Doomion to find an unopened chest. The chest can be opened to eliminate the amulets, and then obtain Iban's Shadow. Go back downstairs and speak of Klank (if there's no way to have yet gained the gauntlets) Then, walk through the small building where you can use the bucket that is to fill the barrel. Go southeast of the tomb area and place the bucket over the tomb. Utilize your Tinderbox to ignite it and then create a pile of Iban's Ashes. Take a walk north of the tomb until you reach one of the corridors that are inhabited by spiders. Additionally, you'll encounter the level 89 spider, Kalrag who you'll need to kill. Once it's dead then suck the blood of your character. Then, walk to the northwest until you find an unassuming passageway, take the staircase. You'll find a variety of cages with soulless NPCs inside. Walk south from there and then change to the northern direction to locate an enclosure. Now, you must turn left and put on Klank's gantlets to locate Iban's Dove in the cage. Once you've mastered the four elements, it is time to take out Iban. Go back to the temple in the central area in which you will be fighting against one of the disciples of Iban. Equip his Zamorak Robes before heading into the temple. Iban will start to attack you and you need to run to the well to use the doll. If that happens, Iban will be destroyed and the temple will begin to crumble. You'll receive Iban's staff and be teleported to the cavern where Koftik is. Speak to him to be teleported at the starting entrance. You will then be teleported back to King Lathas in order to complete the osrs quest. Underground Pass FAQ Question: What happens next In the Story? Answer: In the fourth quest, the player travels through the underground passageway that has been cleared to reach the land of Tirannwn. The player can wander around the new region and explore all it has to offer while fighting new foes and finding new allies. You will need to make the bomb strong enough to kill the King, carry this bomb through Tirannwn up to an underground passage and use an explosive catapult to throw the bomb on the Mad King's Tent. Finally killing him and ending the threat... according to what you thought. In the end, you discover that in fact, King Lathas was the primary antagonist and working with the dark lord, and that King Lathas was involved in a number of other unsavory things. In addition, he was known to lie about the severity of a scourge in the area , and detaining any person who tried to find the truth. Following a couple of missions and adventures, you'll be able to defeat him once and for all time in a major fight. You learn more of the reasons behind the King's turn to into an evil man, and the plans he has in mind before watching his execution at the Town Square for misdeeds and crimes. How can I explore the Underground Pass At My Leasure? Answer: Yes, you'll be traversing the underground passageway a few times for adventures in the area So feel at ease exploring. But be aware that losing your life during the quest will require you to retrace your steps which means it's worth it to go back to uncover the secrets of the past when you aren't part of any quest. There's a lot to do and see, especially when you're in one of the biggest areas of Runescape! Be sure to take it all in take it all in, enjoy yourself, and be patient with the whole thing. It's difficult with all the formidable enemies, and, in some instances the biggest area of the cavern has taken a good hour to get rid of. It's best to take your time and don't become discouraged. Question: Can I Completion This Quest at a Level Low Level? Answer: Yes but it's not recommended. However, even with the use of safe spotting techniques as well as other techniques to avoid danger, you'll have to face several difficult traps as well as more formidable monsters that can be very dangerous if you aren't ready. Plus, with all the dangers, you need to have the ability to run at 40 to stand at a good chance. Don't be afraid to take your time and ensure that you're at the top of your game. Furthermore, being quite robust when it comes to the quest with such huge stakes is a cool method to tackle this task, isn't it?
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