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Created 2023-03-23
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Title OSRS No Requirement for Money Making
Description This guide contains all money-making methods for Old School Runescape without any restrictions. The most simple and fastest way is to always buy rs gold from an online retailer, however in the event that you would like to grow your own farm, here are your opportunities:

Finding Red Spider Eggs from the Wilderness

For this , you'll require stamina potion and amulets of glory charged. Go to the Edgeville dungeon , and as you pass the thugs. You'll be greeted by a plethora of red spiders and spider eggs. Begin collecting red spider eggs. hop when you have picked the eggs. Teleport again to Edgeville and repeat.

You can also double the amount you earn through the purchase of a looting box for yourself. To obtain one, just kill an NPC in the wild. The easiest to kill with at level 3 are rats, which can be found near in the Ferox Enclave.

Profit/Hour: 438k

Recharging Ring of Wealth

Purchase rings of wealth that are not charged from the grand exchange, fill your inventory with them and head into the wilderness. You can use any obelisk in order to get to level 50 wilderness. (The most effective method for doing this is to obtain rings of duelling, and then teleport onto the Ferox Enclave to use the Obelisk in that area.) After that, go toward the running fountain and use any ring of wealth from your inventory to the Obelisk.

Once you have completed that, you can return to the obelisk and teleport back to any level below 30 to teleport to G.E by using your wealth and repeat. Stamina and energy potions will help speed up the process.

Profit/Hour: 222k

Tanning Dragonhide

To be able to do this successfully, you will need some starting in the form of gp. Examine the G.E prices for each dragonhide and leather to determine the most profitable margin. As of making this guide that is black dragonhide. Purchase as many hides as you can before heading towards Al Kharid.

Get your cash stack and an inventory full of dragonhides. Go to the tanning salon and tan them, after that you return to the bank. Then take another inventory and repeat.

Profit/Hour: 619k

The Buying Team Capes

To do this method you'll need approximately 250k, go to any shop that you can see in this image and pick out all the capes. If you're keen to maximize your earnings, look at the cape that has the highest return on investment prior to buying it.

The best cape currently to buy is Team-46 Cape. Make use of any teleport that is cheap (like ring of duelling) as well as energy potion to help speed up the process.

Profit/Hour 139k

Purchase Feather Packs

For this method , you'll need around 550k in order to begin. Head over to the Gerrant's Fishy Business in Port Sarim and start buying feather packs. Buy 10 packs at a time, then exit the website, and click 1 to let the remainder open automatically, and by the time all of the packs are opened, the supply of feather packs is full again. In this way, you will never buy packs at an increased cost.

The option is to manually open feather packs, however, the supply will not replenish at the time needed to be useful, however world hopping may be used in this scenario. You can sell all the feathers on the grand exchange in the future.

Count Make sure to check

Fresh from Tutorial Island, talk to Count Check at Lumbridge Castle, and get him to send into the Stronghold of Security. He will only do this once. When you've done it you'll have an easy opportunity to get 10,000 gold. Take note that you might not be able to complete this immediately, even though you are able to. It's a good idea to level up a little to get in good shape to tackle the monsters that lurk in the Dungeon.

Find out how to get high-paying jobs.

Diverse skills can be lucrative in OSRS. The most lucrative skills available in the game are farming for herbs, runecrafting, and hunting. Other skills that also pay well include mining, magic, fishing, cooking, smithing and fletching.

Remember that you will need to unlock specific things to be able to pay off really well. For example, with herbaceous plants, you're going to want to unlock ranarrs, which occurs at 32 farming.

If you do decide to try mining, you should look for gems such as volcanic ash, runite and clay. Also, you can explore blast mining.

For fletching, stringing maple, yew and magic longbows can be extremely profitable.

Those who get into cooking can try making plain and pineapple pizza, tuna and karambwan.

If you are looking to fish, try to catch sharks, monkfish and monkfish. minnows and dark crabs.


Another way to make money in OSRS is to steal it away from your competitors. Targets that are picked on for pick-pocketing can make you money such as elves, vyres, H.A.M. members, and master farmers. Only need to be at Level 15 in order for you to steal H.A.M. members. The profits could be as high as 1.2 million per hour.

Killing bosses

Bossing may not be the best strategy for the beginner as these are very difficult fights. However, once you're prepared and have the skills, you can earn lots of gold taking on bosses like The Nightmare, Vorkath, General Graador, and others.

Simple newbie options

Still struggling to make a profit when you first start the game? If you're not prepared to earn gold through higher level skills or combat or you don't think you can handle the security stronghold There are a few easy alternatives that are appropriate for lower-level characters.

The ideal starting point is to kill chickens and then market their bones at the Grand Exchange. Finding remains at the Grand Exchange and then purchasing an iron scimitar, which you can take to Edgeville to take out the level 2 man could be a good idea. Both options are accessible to F2P players. Participants can smash nests of birds or desert goat horns to earn cash or sell baked potatoes in white and red berries. It may feel slow-going and frustrating at first however, you'll be making progress sooner than you imagine.

Now you've got an idea what you can do to make money in OSRS. With the money you earn it is possible to stock up on equipment to tackle difficult Raids such as Tombs in Amascut. What you learned in this guide could also be helpful if you are playing Fresh Start Worlds in OSRS.
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