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Super Learning _ 20200215155354. Jobs - Employee 2022-08-16
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Super Learning _ 20200215155354.

Because two people before playing in the vicinity of a Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle morning and Zhang Wenhao point charcoal time and waste a lot of time so two people have already been hungry when the kebab is about to be cooked two people can't wait the first time out of the self-service barbecue two people had imagined in their minds all the romance was thrown to cloud nine from the moment the first batch of kebab was cooked The buffet barbecue turned into a two-person gobble Because of the reason to drive Zhang Wenhao did not buy wine just bought some soft drinks but fortunately the taste of barbecue is very good two people eat with relish Even though both of them were very enthusiastic because they had bought too many ingredients in the second half both of them could not eat the baked food so Zhang Wenhao simply put out the fire and sat on the picnic cloth with Su Ruoran hugging and chatting For Su Ruoran it was very rare and happy to be alone with Zhang Wenhao in such a pleasant and undisturbed place She put her arms around Zhang Wenhao's waist and whispered "If only we could be like today all the time" Zhang Wenhao asked with a smile "What's wrong" Every day if you want Su Ruoran shook his head and said with a smile "I mean the feeling of being free and undisturbed" Zhang Wenhao smiled touched Su Ruoran's greasy face and said with a smile "When the college entrance examination is over you will be completely free At that time I will accompany you wherever you want to go" Su Ruoran sighed and said "After the college entrance examination I'm afraid I'll have to go back to Yanjing first Apart from my mother my family hasn't seen me for half a year I'm sure I'll miss you very much And I'll probably go abroad with my mother to see my grandmother I'm afraid I won't see you for a while" Zhang Wenhao nodded and said Glass Cosmestic Containers "You should accompany your family but as soon as the summer vacation is over you will report to school At that time you will not be able to be together every day and you will live in school and have a lot of time together every day" Su Ruoran looked at

Zhang Wenhao and asked with a smile "Do you remember what you promised me" Zhang Wenhao smiled indifferently and said "Of course I remember a bicycle for two people I will buy one and ride to your dormitory to pick you up every day" Su Ruoran smiled sweetly and nodded gently She just said something that day but she didn't expect Zhang Wenhao to remember it It made her feel happy but her heart had already flown to Yanjing University She was very familiar with the environment there So in her mind she could not help thinking of the situation of two people in the university in the future Zhang Wenhao is also planning his future in his mind University means that he will enter a new stage of life and his future life seems to have no clear orientation yet Serum Bottle With Dropper The vast majority of young people of the same age as Zhang Wenhao are still very confused about their lives at this time and even they have no serious plans at all All they want is to be admitted to a good university in the future and the rest will wait until after graduation Zhang Wenhao does not want to be so muddleheaded the university is already easy to get for himself and the knowledge that can be learned in the university has no attraction for Zhang Wenhao he has a super learning system whether to go to college or not there is no substantive impact on himself now he should consider his own future What kind of road should we take

When Su Ruoran's mother Nie Minhui asked this question and gave her three directions Zhang Wenhao decisively abandoned politics For Zhang Wenhao who has a super learning system it is impossible to work for others in the future The possibility of choosing to go into business is greater But how to start in business In other words when should we start Zhang Wenhao also has some pressure in his heart He hopes that his parents will live a carefree life in the future He also hopes that he can have enough material basis to make his family Su Ruoran and other people around him live more easily but he has no ability to make money at present Moreover Su Ruoran's family background is very strong depending on his own character In the future he can never rely on Su Ruoran's family to give any help so that he will have enough ability with his own to give Su Ruoran a life that is not inferior to the previous family In the super learning system there are many skills that can make money such as business management stock market futures financial investment and so on But these skills can only play an auxiliary role In today's society the ability does not mean that you can make money To make the simplest analogy even if Zhang Wenhao knows that a stock is about to rise sharply tomorrow he will be able to do so How much money can you invest as the capital to make money Invest one hundred million to earn one hundred million sounds very good but the premise is to have a hundred million capital invest ten thousand to earn ten thousand the same return ratio but with such a speed of making money monkey years can reach a satisfactory height Zhang Wenhao's heart is filled with light helplessness Su Ruoran in his arms has no requirement for his family background and economic strength but this does not mean that he can feel at ease to let Su Ruoran live a poor life with himself his parents have suffered all their lives they have never longed for great wealth or prosperity Even the two million sent by Director Han thought it was a huge sum of money but what could two million do Buy a house in Jiangcheng a little more luxurious decoration some high-end appliances and then buy a private car of about 300000 two million is not even a hair left! Think of the scum like Mosnan who is fearless and arrogant in front of himself the most fundamental reason is that he has a lot of money except for the moment before his death when he appears in front of him at other times his expression and attitude seem to think that he and he are not in the same world at all and even when he drives his car He also felt that he was insignificant and even if he killed himself he could use his background and ability to get away easily
You know how reluctant I am. Jobs - Employee 2022-08-16
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You know how reluctant I am.

In my memory my brother was seldom so patient 16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps The porridge in the thermos cup was still hot He fed it unhurriedly and wiped his mouth Before he knew it his sharp handsomeness had worn away and become smooth Look at what He flicked her forehead "It's really a donkey's head You don't know to call me when you have a fever" “…… I'm afraid you're busy with your work "Aren't you afraid that if you die of illness I'll have to take time out of my busy schedule to mourn" "A fever won't kill you" He flicked her forehead again "Ji Duoqing I hated it before and I hate it now and I haven't made any progress" Donkey's head Duoqing was embarrassed to scratch the donkey's head thinking that the uncertain man was angry again But he went out and came back a few minutes later with hot water in his hand and said "Donkey what are you thinking about Take the medicine" In fact she did not think about it she was just afraid that his care and gentleness to her was just a dream that burned his brain and when he woke up he looked at her coldly like a class enemy Think so her mouth curls make the expression that wants to cry actually the look in the eyes also wants to cry just do not have tear She is different from other women She can't even cry She can't learn to be fragile Even when she is sick she is like a dormant wolf and can't be loved He rubbed her donkey's head with anger and amusement Her health is getting worse and worse and she often gets sick It wasn't like this before It was lively and noisy Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale And he didn't care about her so much before In her words he was a class enemy He hated her for half his life He could not forget the first quarrel between his mother and father in the study Through the closed door his father said firmly that if you had to do this we would separate Anyway you never cared what I thought After so many years you still refused to listen to me Mother did not speak for a long time He knew that his father had always wanted to have another daughter but she was too busy with her work The judge in ancient times was the role of the Lord of the

Blue Sky The girl her mother wanted to adopt was a victim of a child abuse case Her parents were migrant workers her father was in the construction team and her mother was a nanny The girl's father has a bad temper and is under great pressure to work in a big city A man's way to relieve stress is nothing more than drinking and smoking He gets drunk and beats his children for fun The mother liked the girl so much that she divorced her father and wanted to adopt the child He was a calm spectator from the beginning to the end and he was also a calm spectator of their bra tape measure marriage from childhood to adulthood In the eyes of outsiders they have the most perfect marriage His parents are the children of senior cadres They grew up in the military compound Although they are not childhood sweethearts they are a well-matched couple In the third year of their marriage they gave birth to a handsome and intelligent son They spent most of their lives in the envious eyes of others until the end of their marriage When he was young he still hated Duoqing Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale and that feeling was mostly anger but later it was habitual disgust I can't say She probably hated that no matter how she gave her a look satirized her ridiculed her and excluded her as an outsider she still looked at him with big black eyes and smiled as if she were looking at a little boy with a bad temper and she did not care about him In fact he did not forget that when Duoqing first came home he pushed open the bathroom door and accidentally saw her standing naked under the shower The seven or eight-year-old girls he had ever seen were all white and clean In summer their skin was exposed like a white and tender radish but her body was covered with horrible scars alternating old and new which made the 14-year-old boy's scalp tingle and he was stunned on the spot for a moment It's a pity that he is not a kind person and he doesn't need to feel sorry for her Looking back now those deliberate ingratiation and smooth cleverness gradually became sad in his eyes He closed his eyes and said "It's sunny Get better quickly" She did not know what was going on and fell asleep again with a vague promise in her throat In the afternoon Li Moran came to pick her up At least the fever subsided He went to Li's house and drank the crucian carp soup that Li's mother was good at Looking at the noisy family at the dinner table Li's mother chattered about a doctor who had just returned from abroad Li Moran wore a light blue uniform of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau and curled his mouth showing the cheeky virtue of an older young woman After dinner Duoqing and Li Moran chatted together head to head

Anyway it's all rambling and saying everything Speaking of the comics recently serialized in the club Li Moran pinched his thigh and scolded the author for being brain-damaged Duoqing also felt quite brain-damaged after all sweet potato's brain is not a day or two Next time I pull the sweet potato boy over and make him kneel down for you Li Moran was filled with indignation "kneel down on the computer motherboard!" "Well kneel durian!" "Kneel hedgehog!" "Kneel on the glass ballast!" The two men had no idea what to say and laughed happily and Duoqing rolled around happily Li Moran suddenly said "Wolf cub when you had a fever you took your brother as Fu Yunqing" Duoqing looked at the ceiling and was confused You grabbed Duolan's collar and said Fu Yunqing the farther you die the better Don't let me meet you again "Li Mo ran turned his head and looked at him faintly" Wolf cub what if you meet again " Duoqing is like a wolf in an iron cage in a zoo staring at the trainer who sent her into the cage Don't let me come out I'll be the first to bite you to death But how to meet again Maybe only in a feverish dream 7 The busy time at the end of the year is terrible especially the magazine department of the animation club which works overtime every day and is stunned to drive out two issues of the magazine before the year Editors are so tired that their spleen and stomach are weak and cartoonists are not much better They are all badly weakened Fortunately after completing the task the magazine department had a holiday on December 26 and she made an appointment with Sweet Potato to go shopping together Sweet potato is a good child of filial piety He bought a lot of things for his parents but he had nothing to do with himself More sunny and cleaner passing by Swarovski I saw a pair of drop-shaped earrings glittering and translucent transparent like a drop of angel's tears but can reflect the colorful brilliance She dragged the sweet potato to the electronic box to get an ear piercing and put one on her right ear which could shine like a broken moonlight Chinese New Year's Eve night Ji Duolan went to his father's house She insisted on staying at home She said "What identity should I use to go" 。
Madam _ you lost your vest again! Jobs - Employee 2022-08-16
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Madam _ you lost your vest again!

Looking at Dai ran like this Cheng Jinshou pointed to bra tape measure the table the heart finally understood how the facts for Dai ran is not important Perhaps Dai Ran knew who made the original song as soon as it was sent out from Weibo Because Dai Ran has seen that he can not produce any evidence so he dares to act recklessly and even wants to completely control the Violin Association through this matter If you do this it will be tantamount to destroying Qin's future her aura and talent Master Wei held the table in his hands and his eyes were cold How she is has nothing to do with me I said that as long as you send a micro-blog apology and give up the position of the students of the M State Association everything will be fine Dai ran calmly drank the tea not in a hurry Master Wei's heart sank even more If Master Wei clenched his fist with his fingers smashed the table and tried to speak but was stopped by Cheng Jin who was sitting on one side Master Wei "Cheng Jin finally stood up from the table He looked at Dai Ran and put his hand on Master Wei's left arm" Our young master is still waiting for you to go back " Master Wei looked at Dai Ran and hesitated to speak He didn't want to go Cheng Jin already knew about the birthday video on the way His voice was calm "Young master is waiting for you" He was so strong that he dragged Master Wei away Stopped Master Wei's next words After the two men left a man outside the meeting room came in and walked to Dai Ran's side He slightly twisted his eyebrows "Master Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale Wei didn't promise Will there be any evidence in his hand" "How is that possible" He should have evidence released last night how can the netizen on connive net scold his apprentice to scold now Dai ran eyes sneer two people fight for so many years

Dai ran to feel the character of Master Wei very clearly The person beside him was slightly relieved and then asked "What should I do now" "What to do" Dai ran took out a cigarette not too concerned about the opening "since Wei Lin dead duck mouth hard continue to make big" Master Wei's office Cheng Jun has put away the computer Master Wei came in he is closing the computer holding a cigarette in his right hand the lighter in his left hand rubs out a faint blue flame He looked out of the window with an indifferent expression Cheng Shao you can deal with this matter by hard means Master Wei came in and sat opposite him His voice was heavy and he could hear depression Cheng Juan turned his head and looked at Cheng Jin He reached out and brushed the ash The smoke spread around his white jade hands "What did they say" They refer to Dai Ran and others Cheng Jin stretched out his hand first took out a recording pen from his pocket and gave it to Cheng

Jun and then repeated it concisely Cheng Jun took the recording pen played with it in his hand and chuckled Sitting opposite him Master Wei could clearly see that there was no smile at the bottom of Cheng Jun's eyes which were cold and cold It was at this time that Uncle Hai who was outside the office came in and panicked "Sir Dai ran sent Weibo again" Master Wei took out his cell phone and looked down at his microblog Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle He was attacked by Dai Ran Dai Ran's meaning was obvious He disdained to associate with such a person and showed his noble artist incisively and vividly Master Wei dropped his cell phone with a bang! Cheng Jun smiled He bent over and picked up Master Wei's mobile phone He scanned Master Wei's WeChat and sent him a video He found the Weibo page edited a Weibo and sent it successfully Then he returned the phone to Master Wei and as soon as the micro-blog was sent out the phone kept ringing Amber Dropper Bottles Master Wei looked at him in amazement Cheng Jun stood up patted his sleeve motioned to Cheng Jin to take the computer then turned to look at Master Wei still biting the cigarette slowly opened his mouth "These two days trouble Master Wei" Cheng Jin followed behind Cheng Jun and silently lit wax for a group of people Master Wei also reacted this is the capital Jun Ye Qin Ran is really impatient Master Wei himself has always played straight ball Dai Ran thought he saw through everything and controlled everything but did not know that Cheng Jun is best at playing with people's hearts! All the members of the four big families in the capital were unwilling to go against him -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Ha ha ha ha Hello single dogs! Good night single dogs! See you singles tomorrow! 308 strong hit in the face (first watch) Cheng Jun finished and turned to leave the Violin Association

Cheng Jin put the computer on the copilot Cheng Jun sat in the back seat one hand on the door one hand casually playing with the recording pen Cheng Jin handed him before Not knowing what to think of Cheng Jun took out his cell phone again and sent a picture to Master Wei Cheng Jin started the car and gradually drove it out of the road At the same time his cell phone rang in the car He turned on his Bluetooth headset It was Cheng Tu Master Jun Cheng Tu they are in trouble Cheng Jin glanced in the rearview mirror Cheng Jun pressed the switch key of the recording pen and the voice of Master Wei talking to Dai Ran came out His expression was indifferent and his tone was loose "You say" Violin Association Master Wei's office Because there was Cheng Jun before even if he was curious again he held back his hand and did not turn over Weibo but his mobile phone kept ringing and was about to get stuck After Cheng Jun left Master Wei quickly looked at Uncle Hai "Uncle Hai close the door!" Uncle Hai went to close the door of the office Master Wei then sat on the sofa in the office and took a look at Weibo Weibo has some cards Master Wei clicked in the first time he was stuck out the second time the situation was better and then there was an overwhelming number of Aite comments and likes Master Wei's micro-blog is very simple did not say any word just put on a video These days the heat is too high netizens from Qin Yu here to Dai Ran there eating melons everywhere only Master Wei has not spoken which makes netizens think more guilty After sending the video some people didn't even look at it they came up and sprayed it! "At the beginning you said that Qin language was plagiarized but you didn't accept Qin language Now your apprentice plagiarizes others Does it hit you in the face" "Please go and apologize to Qin Yu!" “……” This part was liked and replied and it became popular for the time being 。 Five minutes later a new reply came out gradually Wait a minute It seems that we are on the wrong side Let's watch the video first The man gave Qin a high degree of appreciation and apologized to Master Wei
Zhao Xiaohan of Rebirth rushes forward Jobs - Employee 2022-08-16
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Zhao Xiaohan of Rebirth rushes forward

"Ha" Ha-ha Liang Zhen patted Wang Gang with a Oil Dropper Bottle strange smile and said "Brother Wang why do I think I should read your words at the Founding Ceremony" This is serious this is justice! If I didn't know you I would have been cheated by your false Taoism! Tell me which beauty in our room do you like Brother Liang who is joking with you I'm serious! If it's all right I'll go back first and my friends are still waiting for me! Wang Gang said and looked at Xiao Liangliang "Miss Xiao your condition is really good It is in line with the popular sports style in Europe and America If you really have the intention to develop in this circle you can go to our company at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning and be interviewed by professionals face to face How about that" Xiao Liangliang nodded "Thank you Director Wang I will go there early tomorrow morning!" Liang Zhen grabbed Wang Gang who was about to leave and asked angrily "Wang Gang what do you mean" Sincerely playing with me With a sullen look on his face Wang Gang pulled Liang Zhen's hand back and winked at him "Liang Zhen let go!"! My position is not a tool for you to pick up girls I will not help you without principles for the sake of friends I advise you to accumulate some virtue for yourself! Liang Zhen was stupefied Although he couldn't understand why Wang Gang did this the tacit understanding of long-term cooperation with Wang Gang made him smile all over his face immediately "Brother Wang you misunderstood What you said is the old almanac Now I have a girlfriend bra tape measure Miss Xiao is my girlfriend's sister in the same dormitory I'm just trying to please my girlfriend" Said the deliberate intimacy of Wang Yu's short hair looked at Wang Gang "Brother Wang Miss Xiao's condition is good it is not difficult for you help more!"

"Ha ha" Wang Gang patted Liang Zhen with a smile and said "Brother Liang I told you earlier I was scared just now!"! The return of the prodigal son does not change gold Congratulations! Rest assured Miss Xiao such a good condition I do not want the company to miss talent will report to the leadership but when the time comes to see the opinions of professionals I just do my best to recruit talent for the company! "No problem no problem as long as Brother Wang is willing to do his best!" Liang Zhen said holding Wang Gang and sitting beside him "Brother Wang came over and had a drink Our brothers haven't been together for a long time!" "Well I'll have a drink with Brother Liang before I go back My friends are waiting for me Hey my job is like this I don't have my own rest time when I have a sudden situation You're comfortable man!" Wang Gang said that the wind changed "But our company has developed well in the past two years thinking that it also has its own contribution or a great sense of achievement!" "Now there are fewer and fewer employees like Brother Wang who are devoted to the company By the way do you have shares in the company if you work so hard for the company" Empty Glass Foundation Bottle Although Liang Zhen did not quite understand why Wang Gang kept emphasizing his love and dedication Blue Bottle Serum he felt that it was right to carry the sedan chair with him Wang Gang shook his head with a smile "No only outstanding employees who have worked in the company for five years and made great contributions to the company will have 1% of the dry shares I have only worked for two years and I am not qualified!"! But I'll fight for it! "Emi has such a responsible employee as Brother Wang which is the blessing of the boss and the artist I wish Brother Wang a bright future!" Liang Zhen said and looked at Xiao Liangliang "Liangliang a toast to General Manager Wang Work hard in the future General Manager Wang will not treat you badly!" Wang Gang waved his hand again and again "Don't be so polite I'm just pulling strings But one thing I can absolutely guarantee is that EMI is absolutely fair to artists As long as Liangliang is talented she will not be buried The rest depends on herself!" Xiao Liangliang quickly raised her glass and stood up "Thank you General Manager Wang for your introduction!" "Liangliang don't say that Brother Wang has only one request You can't do anything sorry for the company when you become famous in the future!" Wang Gang got up and touched Xiao Liangliang and drank it down

Liang Jian and Wang Gang made a 180 degree turn which made the atmosphere on the table warm again Qiaoqiao looked at Xiao Liangliang with envy "Liangliang congratulations Maybe you will become a big star Don't pretend not to know us!" Xiao Liangliang who was a little disappointed because she was not sure whether she could sign the contract listened to Qiaoqiao's words Her eyes brightened and her face was full of happy smiles "Qiaoqiao look at what you said If I am really famous the first thing I have to do is to be the sisters of Labalaba dormitory If you want you can be my assistant!" Shangguanhong pulled Qiaoqiao lightly from under the table Qiaoqiao gave him a reassuring look and looked at Xiao Liangliang with a smile "Liangliang I can't do this You'd better find someone else!" Shangguan Hong breathed a sigh of relief Qiaoqiao has always liked the feeling of the stage if not for the two talent shows were hit hard by the judges vowed not to dream of being a star no Huai'er this time can also follow Xiao Liangliang blindly he did not want Qiaoqiao such a heartless girl to enter the entertainment industry perhaps sold to help people count money! Xiao Liangliang turned to Li Xinxin "Xinxin why don't you do it Aren't you short of money" She is not sincere to pull Li Xinxin to be her assistant she just wants to experience the feeling of controlling others! "No I'll keep her I can keep her!" Without waiting for Li Xinxin to answer Li Yuzhu stood up anxiously He understood that this woman was going to be a star If Xinxin followed her what if she was abducted by a rich man How interesting Xiao Liangliang smiled sarcastically "Do you know how much a house in the capital is per square meter" Can you spend one square meter a year How do you raise her Li Yuzhu blushed and argued "I" We can go back home my father has promised to buy us a big house in the city Xinxin as long as the peace of mind to sit in the office on the line I am in charge of everything else! Xiaohan unexpectedly looked at Li Yuzhu wondering whether he liked the halo of Xinxin Peking University or her If it is the latter for Li Xinxin to find such a husband is also OK Xinxin's character is not suitable for the ant tribe in big cities the instability of marriage in later generations the most vulnerable is Xinxin this kind of honest girl! Of course people who have not experienced the impetuosity of later generations will always feel that Li Xinxin is a pity Moreover if Li Xinxin does not like Li Yuzhu they will not be happy Happiness is absolutely not a person who is good to another person!
Wind dance Jobs - Employee 2022-08-16
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Wind dance

She really started to hit me I had to raise my hands oil dropper bottle to parry two people at the same time steal to the side of the clear reflection-she stared Paper bags on the ground for a long time Yuying and I looked at each other and stopped fighting I didn't say anything because I didn't know what I could say It has only been two months since the reconciliation She has lost a lot of weight and I am seldom alone with her because restraint and caution make people feel heavy every time Heavy I told her I didn't know how to face me just as I didn't know how to face her Is it true that some things will never come back "I can't compete with that woman" She looked up suddenly "But even if I get this dress" she said I don't want it either and besides it's not really for me Her eyes filled with the tide "Xiaoxiao I was really blind before but I didn't realize that you let me everywhere" Look at me and I do that to you "I am not so great" I smiled and patted her on the shoulder "Do you know what I can do to make you feel better" Get rid of the shadow of this dress "How" Yuying interjected Is to stuff it in the dumpster She clasped her hands and laughed "Yes yes!"! Chengying you'd better kick it! That chauvinistic pig he not only deserves to be in the dustbin but also deserves to be kicked into the Pacific Ocean Three-three young ladies can you go to another shop to look around-the guests push the door and come in see the atmosphere Yes they're all gone I-we haven't-we haven't-made a deal this afternoon 30ml dropper bottle Separated from Yuying and Chengying after a small birthday party I wandered back to Lin's house at midnight

No matter how bad it is it is still the destination I must go back to After that Lin Zhi never mentioned that he wanted me to move out As a matter of fact I almost never saw him-or anyone else-again because of the deliberate early and late departure I decided not to Take care of it take one step at a time whether to go or leave things to the end before making plans There was no one in the hall The door of the office room opened slightly and there was a bright light I stepped up the stairs but the ghost The messenger of God stopped and I walked to the office Father's work and rest are always regular and he should be on duty at eleven o'clock Bed why at this time will be- The middle drawer of his desk was half open and he sat behind it with one hand on the top of the table holding his customary pipe The other hand was in the drawer motionless looking out of the window of the ink paint like an old man and was merciless Years carved traces of the resolute face hung with desolation and desolation I fixed my eyes on his temples A hand fell on my shoulder "Ah" exclaimed like a thief who had been stolen and caught Turn around in vain Who's out there There was a heavy shout from the room Me and my sister! She just saw a cockroach glass cream jars Lin Zhi answered loudly in a very high tone The cockroach was big enough and was grinning at me I slapped him on the head and ran like flying Go upstairs The heart knot of fifteen years may eventually be untied but how can I go through the distance of fifteen years When I opened my door I was frightened to cry out again Lived in this room all my life but It's the first time I've seen someone lying on my bed! Especially this person has just met in the afternoon Leng Rufeng! The shock in my heart was indescribable After a long time I closed the door and walked to the bed His tall body reflected the narrow and cramped bed with one of his long legs stretched out at will and the other bent at the knee One hand on the edge of the bed smoke between the fingers the other hand on the back of the head excellent texture of the hair messy Scattered on the soft pillow his ultra-thin platinum cigarette case and lighter were placed not far from the pillow and his eyes were half closed The dense eyelashes are long and warped and the facial features are as handsome as the ancient Arabian princes who have just come down from comic books The shirt button that opens slightly before shows the languid breath that loosened send out naturally to attract a person deadly sex appeal and evil The bewitching of the mind I sat down gently on the edge of the bed and looked at him

He used charm as a trap to capture women and I went around the trap from the beginning and refused to let myself go If I jump down I am afraid that there is an abyss in the trap If I jump down it will be beyond redemption I am afraid that he will not Because the process of hunting is over the prey is abandoned and left to fend for itself This is the only one in my heart I don't want to go out and I don't want to hand it over How to handle it properly between handing over and not being arrogant "Do you like the gift I gave you" 'bra tape measure "

He spoke leisurely his eyes still slightly closed Like I said "I like it" "In that case why not untie it" He put down his cigarette and hugged me and I fell on his chest "Maybe you'll get more surprises" he added "I'm not greedy and that's good" The palm of his hand reached into my skirt with a very gentle movement You are not greedy but you will break my heart "The occasional loss of self-esteem is harmless but it adds a little interest and many others are rushing to satisfy and" Supplement it "What a sweet mouth!" His hand went through my armpit and pulled me up into his arm and turned to his side I slowly opened my eyes and a touch of unexpected tenderness made my heart pound and for a moment I was infatuated with the past How can I not love you with such an expression The magnetic voice is as gentle as night The ecstasy in my heart flies away when I touch his burning eyes and in his eyes the primitive desire is like The runaway wild horse is eager to try and his "love" has a specific meaning which only refers to the one with the word "sex" in front of it Species I got rid of his bed mate for the night which made him use me to make up the number Or is my performance today a good touch Touched his interest "What's the matter with you" At random I do not know what I want to ask nothing is nothing Find words to cover up the madness in your heart Since you will be mine sooner or later it is better to be early than late The implication is that the reason is very grand He is accountable to himself
I can tell fortunes, and I'm not easy to mess with. Jobs - Employee 2022-08-16
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I can tell fortunes, and I'm not easy to mess with.

Lu Yu of course would not take this seriously coltan ore processing He rubbed his little head against Bai Yiling's hand and nervously watched the match on the court The ratio of fox to pig was enough to make him feel down Listen to Bai Yiling's words if he lost again Lu Yu finally understood what the mood of those people with blue veins and red necks and thick cockfighting was just now They were so nervous! The fox won by a narrow margin with a half-length lead and Bai Yiling bet on Lu Yu's face and earned a little bit of luck Compared with the simple and crude cockfighting competition there are more forms of pet racing Obstacle running is only the most basic With the following tricks such as apple picking maze walking and ring picking the difficulty is upgraded and the fees charged for pets to participate in the competition are higher Those who have the ability to participate in the competition are generally noble people sitting in private seats They take care of their own identity will not come forward on their own are sitting in the tent from a distance to watch by the servants of the family to take care of other matters to put it bluntly is just to pass the time The ordinary people who are crowded on the sidelines below can't afford pets and can't afford to participate in such competitions but it doesn't prevent them from betting on the outside At this moment the people who had bet on the pets in their hearts gathered around one by one staring at them and shouting for refueling wishing they could come off in person to compete for those small animals The competition became white-hot and even some of the female guests in the private seats became excited and leaned forward Lu Yu stood on Bai Yiling's leg and looked down his tail straight up and even the hair on his head exploded Hey that fox down there come on! You're still a redhead If you can't win I'll make you go out bald! Bai Yiling was looking for He Zicheng but his emperor seemed to have forgotten about it and stared at his own kind Anyway the Persian cat raised by He Zicheng was silly but it was also in the competition tenaciously As long as he didn't go

Bai Yiling was not in a hurry His appearance is striking and Lu Yu is cute and lovely Even if he is a combination of red and green he will have a special romance when he is put on a person and a fox A young lady sitting next to him said with a smile "Now that you are here why don't you let your tin beneficiation plant little fox have a try" The first prize of this game is a Japanese samurai sword It is said that it is not easy to change the good goods Many people are staring at it She has just arrived the cockfighting competition is too bloody but the pet is the main watching program for many women to pass the time Bai Yiling smiled "The one I raised has never been trained I can't do anything I'm afraid of getting hurt" I won't join in the fun The competition is to let the participating pets start from the starting point go around a Hu chair then pick up the cherry on another Hu chair and continue to run forward jump over the rope hanging high and low throw the cherry intact into the mouth of the wooden bird at the end and the fastest one wins Because the competition is very difficult the price of the entrance fee has reached one or two silver and the relative prizes are also very rich Bai Yiling answered and looked at the knife along the lady's words Then he said casually manganese beneficiation plant "But the banker also has a heart This knife is really good" He rarely liked anything and what he said was comparable to the imperial edict Lu Yu was so excited that he immediately took his eyes back from the fox player in the field looked at the knife and then looked back at Bai Yiling With a cruel heart he pulled him with his front paws and called out twice Bai Yiling grasped his paws and said with a smile "Do you recommend yourself" Come on you The usual joke is a joke He doesn't really keep Lu Yu as a pet How can he take part in this kind of competition for a knife The lady looked around curiously and saw the meaning of persuasion from the fox's plush face only to see him raise his other paw and pestle Bai Yiling's arm Let me go I want to go I want a knife Bai Yiling pressed him down but at this time Lu Yu took the opportunity to jump quickly pulled down the purse containing broken silver from his waist ran to the registration office a few times and stood in front of the banker who was recording his name He was surrounded by people who came to deliver the silver with their pets in their arms Suddenly he saw such a little fox rush out shake his purse flexibly pour out a piece of broken silver from it and pull it to the table

In the middle of writing the middle-aged man was dumbfounded probably because he was afraid that he would be dumbfounded and miss his name The fox stretched out his claws impolitely and patted the rice paper in front of him indicating that he should remember it quickly and not dilly-dally The action was very dignified The rest of the people with their pets looked at each other and felt that their little fool could not win Bai Yiling "…" The emperors of the State of Jin did not know how to feel when they saw this scene They were afraid that a thunderbolt would come down from the sky and kill them After successful registration the competition officially began A group of small animals with uneven shapes and colors stood at the entrance some ready to go their eyes shining and some not in the state at all licking their paws attentively and scolding their masters angrily Lu Yu's position happened to be next to the only big red fox in the front field Lu Yu hated this kindred very much Seeing that it was absent-minded he mercilessly beat the other side with his tail The big fox turned his head a little confused and looked at the perky little one beside him wondering why he wanted to hit himself Everybody comments "Very lovely fur color is same be father and son" "The little fox is very fierce" While the discussion was going on there were three drums on the sidelines and Lu Yu beat the big fox with a somersault urging it to run quickly and he himself flew out and quickly bypassed the stool and picked up the cherry He Zicheng the Persian cat squatted down directly and ate with relish The onlookers next to him laughed He Zicheng did not care and laughed with him Bai Yiling watched his emperor object race with a group of pigs dogs and cats in the field and for a moment he felt that the world was a bit illusory but with the screams of the people around him he even felt nervous Fortunately Lu Yu did his best Although he was much smaller than the other animals his movements were as fast as lightning and he was far ahead There was a lot of cheering around him and most people's attention was focused on the little fox
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Wear it quickly, the heroine and the male God can't stop flirting.

Luo Xiaoqing is her own name household registration mineral flotation certificate and so on are looking for the system but also deducted 100 points of exchange value! After all the Luo family was beheaded this time the name of Luo Qingchen is better to use less! So as not to see Ning Weihan he will be killed Restoration after all is an appalling thing Chapter 537 useless concubines want to counterattack (24) One second to remember Bookben Net wonderful novel free reading without pop-up window! "Yes!"! I'm worried to death! "First of all I declare that I am really not for the emperor I just heard that every December the flowers in the back garden are particularly beautiful" "December" Luo Qingchen patted Wang Lin on the head and said "It's estimated that the flowers in the imperial garden have withered at this time" "Poof! Ha ha ha!" The crowd burst into laughter It was a good feeling System smoke or something like that do you have it How long does the host want Mammy to sleep Twelve hours It's not too late to wake up tomorrow when the ladies of the Rong Nu Palace are practicing their rules OK! Deduct 100 points of exchange value and successfully exchange Enchanted Incense Luo Qingchen patted his right sleeve and said "Give it to me" At this moment Zhi Mammy was half leaning on the soft couch and looking at the books patting the paper fan in her hand Look at her like that I'm afraid she doesn't need ecstasy to fall asleep But to be on the safe side

Luo Qingchen still used it After a while she heard a thump and her head leaned heavily on the table Behind him a group of palace maids were silently happy in an instant and they looked like they were on their eyebrows Luo Qingchen nodded gently and walked forward very lightly It was now sunset and the sunset glow shone over the back garden and the thick snow gradually melted Rong Nu Dian is not far from the back garden earlier this group of little girls also feel particularly good-looking just want to see gold cil machine Ah this is the first time I've seen so many flowers! Lin Xue blinked and raised a smile at the corners of her mouth Yes! How nice it would be to enjoy a whole day here! Wang Lin turned around and glanced at Luo Qingchen and said "Xiao Qing also said that flowers don't bloom in December I think this December is the most beautiful!" Elegant with a touch of strength and the fate of each of them are very similar Hum only a few of you still know whether it looks good or not It's the same as saying that people of your status and appearance have seen such flowers A sharp and harsh voice sounded and a group of people came from not far away Luo Qingchen half squinted and raised his eyes This group of people was the beautiful girl who was recruited into the palace today Several of them are the daughters of ministers and their status is noble "You" Wang Lin snorted coldly trying to say something but swallowed it back They are also out privately in case of eating something it is estimated that the loss of work is small the loss of the head is big What magnetic separator machine do you have a backbone One of them a woman in a purple skirt raised her eyebrows and looked at her proudly saying "If one day you become a maid of Ruan yuanyuan I will give you some color to see see!" Ruan yuanyuan was the only bra tape measure daughter of a fourth-grade official in the imperial court Perverse character arrogant and domineering Luo Qingchen did not have much impression of this person but in the memory of the original owner seemed to have met a few times in a hurry After all Luo Yi's position in the court was still a lot of people want to curry favor when the soft round father also wanted to marry her into Luo Fu to Luo Qingchen's two brothers It's a pity that Ruan yuanyuan has a little vision how can she take a fancy to those two straw bags! Speaking of her brother this time is not her hand to solve! I always felt that beheading made the two of them die too happily after all the death of the original owner was so sad But since everyone is dead that's all! "We have a backbone What's wrong" Le Meng bit her lip and looked at her and said "I don't know what you will be in the future!"! Maybe not as good as us! There's nothing yet and you start putting on airs! "Pa" Ruan yuanyuan's slap was so fast that even Luo Qingchen did not react She came forward so decisively and gave Le Meng a slap just like a slave

Chapter 538 the useless concubine wants to counterattack (25) One second to remember Bookben Net wonderful novel free reading without pop-up window! "Hey why are you hitting people" Lin Xue could not bear to look at her and pushed her Everyone is still a young maid who has just entered the palace Although some of them are poor the poor are not poor Have not learned etiquette have not seen Gong Dou naturally do not know how terrible the depths of the palace wall "Ruan yuanyuan's left hand suddenly grabbed the hand that Lin Xue hit her and his right hand called directly to Lin Xue's face" This strength and technique simply quite skilled! This is a habit of beating people at home! "Sister yuanyuan is so handsome!" The little girl on one side looked at her like a little fan girl and quickly flattered her You you hit me! Lin Xue's face was red and tears were falling down Although her parents are peddlers and businessmen they have been spoiled since childhood and have never been beaten As soon as I entered the palace I was beaten and I was very depressed Luo Qingchen shrugged his shoulders with cold eyes and said "Is this called handsome" Little sister have you been poked in the eye by a needle When Ruan yuanyuan heard this he walked three steps and two steps to Luo Qingchen bit his lip and suddenly raised his hand just as he was about to call her a slap With a sudden grip of her slender fingertips she pushed it out and said "Do you really think you are the master here" "Hum" Ruan yuanyuan wrist some red Luo Qingchen just strength is absolutely not light now estimated that she is still eating pain Her eyes were full of disdain and she said "Anyway this young lady is cool today A bunch of rubbish you only deserve to be a maid of honor!" Le Meng seemed to have just shaken her mind from the slap and when Ruan yuanyuan finished saying this she rushed up and threw her to the ground The two men wrestled in the white snow in an instant and in a few seconds Le Meng gained the upper hand Lin Xue and Wang Lin wanted to pull her but they didn't like Ruan yuanyuan very much I wish Le Meng could give her two more strokes to avenge them
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Master Guoshi's Rebirth Daily "Whoa ~" Jia Ke and others on one side saw these bra tape measure things and twitched physiologically in their abdomen Jiang Yizhi motioned to Jia Rong to help Jia Ke over Jiang Yi held one hand to comfort the black cat the other hand on the position of Jia Ke's belly about five centimeters up the fingertips gently pressed down Jia Ke's belly suddenly appeared a complete outline of grass Jia Rong and others were shocked and stared at Jia Ke's stomach Jiang Yizhi looked at the inexplicable bulge on the top leaf of the grass especially when it was constantly wriggling and could not help frowning He lowered his head and asked the black cat "Do you feed them these things to prevent them from eating and growing grass" The so-called grass is indeed a rare plant between heaven and earth which looks like ordinary weeds and it takes a thousand years to become a talent And what is useful is not the plant itself but the seeds it produces The seeds of returning grass need to be cultivated by the body of the living for the soil relying on the vitality of the living to portable gold wash plant germinate and mature It is said that returning grass has the effect of curing the dead and living bones In fact to put it bluntly to return grass is to transfer the vitality of a living person to a person who is about to die in vain Of course grass like other life-saving drugs is only effective for such people but not for those who are about to live Meow meow meow- "the black cat immediately nodded"

When he returned that night two of his six children had died leaving four dying and it was not easy for him to catch the last breath of the four children In order to save the children's lives he gritted his teeth took out the seeds of the grass he had managed to get before and secretly fed them to these vicious guys Just wait to use their anger to cultivate the grass and as soon as the grass is ripe it will dig it out of the stomach of Jaco and others feed it to its children and its children will recover immediately But what he didn't expect was that when the grass was half cultivated in the belly of these scum their leaves all grew a kind of larvae that the black cat didn't know and these larvae began to devour the grass as soon as they grew up It immediately panicked if the grass was swallowed by these insects how could it save its children It is in a hurry round and round do not know how suddenly remembered that it used to hide behind the human windowsill to watch TV series as if it had seen some people will use poisonous insects to cultivate insects It also has no way and I just want to try it Unexpectedly by mistake the insects shifted their targets and turned to devour the poisonous insects they fed to these scum Jiang Yi held his breath and let go of his hand and Jia Ke's stomach suddenly became flat again Chapter 73 Holding his breath Jia Rong's gold shaking table palms were covered with sweat "Jiang Shao this this" he said nervously Holding the black cat in his arms Jiang Yizhi stood up and gave the plastic bottle in his hand to Jia Ke saying "Feed these to them" "What what" Jia Ke looked at Jiang Yizhi hesitantly gold heap leaching Wasn't he going to help them solve this matter Why do you feed these worms to children Jiang Yizhi explained casually "The things in their stomachs can only be taken out after they are completely mature" As he said he glanced at the stomachs of Jia Ke and others "If I am not wrong if this thing does not go wrong it should be completely mature tonight If you don't feed these insects to them in case something happens let this thing delay for two or three days before it matures and then they will suffer In fact this is not the case as long as Jiang Yi insists on taking out the grass directly it is not impossible to ripen it with spiritual power The key is that what is happening to Jia Ke and others now is clearly what they deserve and Jiang Yizhi will not spare them instead of the cat spirits who died tragically Let them eat these poisonous insects in order to feed the insects that cling to the grass so that they do not devour the grass again so as to ensure their integrity and efficacy as far as possible after all black cats have to use them to save their children! Just these Jiang Yizhi also can't tell Jia Rong clearly

Jia Rong swallowed saliva gritted his teeth and walked toward Jia Ke and others with a plastic water bottle When Jia Ke and others saw this their bodies could not help shrinking back but they were imprisoned on the sofa by their parents Just eat it Just eat it Open your mouth "No Dad it's disgusting Wow" Similar dialogue is endless Jiang Yi holds back the past slowly to the black cat Shun hair After nearly half an hour it was quiet all around The servant of the Jia family ran back and forth with the mop It was not easy to clean up the ground and spray the air freshener Then he retreated Jiang Shao Jaco wiped the hot sweat from his forehead and lowered his waist Jiang Yi put the black cat on the ground picked up the teacup on the tea table and went to Jia Ke and others who were lying flat on the sofa with a weak voice He crouched down in front of Jia Ke and the people present looked nervously at Jiang Yizhi About ten minutes later Jiang Yizhi still maintained the posture of looking at Jia Ke's stomach Jia Rong who was extremely anxious wiped the sweat from his palms and was about to open his mouth At that moment Jia Ke suddenly screamed with blue veins on his forehead and spasms all over his body Before everyone could come to their senses they could only see Jiang Yi holding his left hand in a false shake and putting it on Jia Ke's stomach his palm suddenly emitting a dazzling green light Jia Rong and others subconsciously raised their hands to cover their eyes When the dazzling light dissipated Jia Rong put down his hand and fixed his eyes on it Jia Ke lay motionless on the sofa apparently unconscious Squatting beside him Jiang Yi suddenly appeared on his hand with an exquisite green grass Jiang Yizhi's right hand turned over the leaves on the green grass and sure enough a black insect slipped down from the top The bug struggled desperately in Jiang Yizhi's hand stretching out two sharp teeth as if the next moment it would bite through Jiang Yizhi's palm and then get into his flesh and blood Jiang Yizhi moved even faster He turned over his hand lifted the lid of the tea and flicked the bug into the teacup
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Biao rides

"The first time I stole it was an ancient gold CIP machine tomb of the Song Dynasty The tomb was not big and there were not many funerary objects" It didn't matter to me because I finally saw him very very close His eyes and eyebrows were so dark that I couldn't help but raise my hand to touch him The young lady's smile was like a crimson spring flower and I felt my hair stand on end "Qi noticed it and tried to escape but knocked over the coffin" "That day" she said with a smile "I saw an ancient corpse for the first time probably because the place was damp rotten and mildewed and covered with green hair It's much more terrible than what we saw just now I was really scared and jumped on him There was no warmth in his body but I could hear his heart beating and I could feel his nervous breathing He can't hide from me anymore She stopped smiling and looked at me steadily "We have been together for four years one month and twelve days" Bend do you know I rolled over and knelt down "Miss …" "I came to the Han Dynasty this time is to destroy the Yan family our family can't interfere with his life track" With his aptitude he must be able to grow up normally in a normal family and live a safe and happy life I've sacrificed so much for him don't you think I love him very much I don't know what to do "Miss bending is just a tool …" bra tape measure The young lady did not speak at once but I could clearly feel her hatred for me on my scalp Tool I've never seen such a brainstorming tool as you! The young lady's voice made the nerves of my whole body contract and ache "Since we met again you have played the role of a tool to the letter" With your childish and pretentious performance remind me all the time that there is no responsibility to kill you right Immature Artificiality I should have thought my acting has always been very poor at the beginning can not protect themselves now naturally it is impossible to rely on this poor acting to protect others

But miss I really have no responsibility for killing Qi! I have only two choices for the Jedi order issued by the dust one is Qi's death and the other is that I die with Qi I knelt on the ground and kowtowed "Miss if you want to vent your anger you can vent it on me" I didn't do anything wrong but fate decided that I was willing to accept the consequences "Humph!"! Take it out on you The young lady pulls my hair to force me to raise a head to come "I haven't exerted myself you fainted how can I take out my anger on you" This is not my responsibility your body is not the strength of a normal person how can you blame me instead "Moreover this body is my own body and I can only give up the torture of this body" The young lady said slowly chrome washing machine as if she had caught hold of me The frozen feeling extended upward from my feet my eyes became like death and I knew what her next words were I held my breath and waited for the verdict of fate without any luck I heard her whisper "Are you very happy in the plum blossom forest" Right bend Sure enough she knew it all! I was rescued from the butcher's knife of the Huns at a critical moment Where is such a coincidence in the world She's already with me Miss you can't do that! She ignored my stop and continued "If I hadn't seen you one day earlier I would have thought that submissive you were your true colors" She looked down at me and smiled "No thoughts no feelings" Follow the rules Easy to use Dust gives you such a comment He is almost blind What she said was inconsistent and I felt in despair that the young lady had lost her reason and even basic logical thinking She stared at me "Kill my beloved but also can live so carefree you say I can let you go" "It was the head of your Yan family who made that decision It was Chen who gave me that order Miss you should go to them!" "I can't find anyone now I can only find you!" Her hand loosened and I fell back to the ground again

I quickly climbed up and grabbed her sleeve "Miss Miss!"! General Huo is an ancient man He has nothing to do with our gratitude and resentment You can't involve him! "How can you feel sad without involving him How can you feel the way I feel now" "Miss you are too extreme!" "Shut up!" She exclaimed "I've already told you it's a matter of character!"! I'm going to torture your soul! She looked at me like a dead fish in a net bag Her eyes were so cold that even a sneer was omitted Disappointed I let go of my hand and knelt on the ground "This is the end again …" Why do I always bring disaster to the people I care about Why do I always get a failure result when I want to save things By contrast killing is obviously much simpler and quicker I stood up and returned to my most familiar killer instinct-don't think I have a weakness who doesn't sodium cyanide price For the first time I grabbed the young lady's eyes and showed that her weakness was too obvious She had taken a fancy to a monster that she shouldn't have taken a fancy to at all! This monster is the person I know best Kill innocent people for their own selfish interests I slowly opened my mouth word by word saying the pain in her heart "Miss no wonder you can't get Qi's heart no matter how hard you try" "You're talking nonsense!" Her face changed as expected That's the thing The person Qi hates most is the dust Transfer your pain to the innocent Miss what's the difference between what you're doing and what you're doing now "What did you say" The young lady's voice was angrily distorted I'm saying you're doing what Qi hates the most! I gnashed my teeth "I can tell you that even if you die for him he will not pay attention to you let alone appreciate your feelings!" My eyes flow in her face "I guess the young lady's way now should also be consistent character so" Self-willed selfish and angry with others It's ridiculous How can a man like you be attracted to you "You shut up!" Miss's eyes were full of persistence "We've been together for so long and we've been getting along very well" 。
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When I sleep here I will regret and blame myself to death Got it! coltan ore processing Just get a cold fever to play he will regret it even more! After thinking for a while he faded the warm light But a cold wind came and immediately added the light to it It's too cold to bear A few more hours passed I rubbed my eyes and yawned My stomach began to rumble If my stomach cries again when I confess later it's too There was a sudden rush of footsteps outside I stood up suddenly ran down two steps and ran back Whatever he says he will regret it Put purple The light faded and then he sat down again and pretended to sleep against the pillars of the pavilion But the footsteps are more and more more and more noisy The hanging heart fell to pieces Gradually the footsteps are far away I walked out of the pavilion and ran to the gate of the courtyard to look around It turned out to be a group of palace maids carrying imperial food Looking back the sun is setting in the west and the dusk is red He went back to sit in the pavilion and had no strength to think about his birthday I have decided not to give him Confess when he comes I will scold him and then-make him cry! The setting sun is fading and the stars are climbing on the lacquer night I haven't eaten for a day I've been hungry and my spiritual power is exhausted

The branches are about to break under the snow The purple light around me had completely disappeared the snow had melted and cooled and the cold air had brushed my skin I hold myself His own body curled up beside the pavilion pillar shivering all over Twentieth birthday hehe is special enough Starving and freezing all day I looked at the back of my hand and all the blood vessels turned black and purple Liu Jing I won't scold you As long as you come As long as you come I still want to tell you that I like you Finally the time has passed The birthday is over This year is the same as before Say it at the age of twenty-one I found that my level of clinging and my ability to resist blows were not a little strong but very strong Even myself I was moved by my dauntless spirit I went back to Chaoyu to celebrate the tenth anniversary seventy-two times Portable gold trommel He smirked and his lips immediately cracked and bled He licked the blood casually and spit it out with saliva I walked down from the terrace wearily His feet were completely frozen and he stumbled and slid to the ground Reach out and grab the pavilion pillar and the hand is on the edge of the square pillar He made a long cut and finally managed not to fall It took a long time for his legs to regain consciousness He labored toward his room and every step was a torment He walked to Liu Jing's house and stopped for a long time I raised my hand to knock but it stopped in the air-even if I found him what could I say He's not coming Isn't that obvious enough Why should I ask for trouble But I still knocked like a fool No one answered A few more hard knocks-still no one My nose is getting more and more sour tin beneficiation plant and I can't stand it Turn around and get ready to go back to sleep But as soon as I looked back I saw him The moonlight shines like water on Tsing Yi Rustling eyes thin lips and green sleeves I blinked and the corners of my eyes were slightly wet Where have you been I wanted to yell at him but there was no dignity in his voice Liu Jing looked at me quietly and did not speak for a long time A few strands of black hair with dark green luster were raised by the wind There was a fleeting ripple in the green eyes The subordinate has been in the room all the time "Chaoyu didn't come to tell you that I was waiting for you in Xunyouyuan" Liu Jing breathed a sigh of relief Told There is no need to ask why If you don't like a person please don't give him hope You don't like him don't do it There are so many things that make people misunderstand so don't kiss him while he is asleep and don't deliberately hypnotize him *** him again all right Liu Jing hung his head and did not answer My eyes are wet He raised his head and took a few deep breaths He's useless after he's been ***ed

Liu Jing suddenly looked up at me I nodded and smiled But he is really a bitch let people play and play dump and dump trample on the lack of dignity and self-complacency Happy to flatter oneself how can there be such a cheap person in this world! Liu Jing took my hand I shook off his hand and brushed past him Liu Jing pulled me back and hugged me tightly "Perilla I'm not" I pushed him away- "Now the bitch has figured it bra tape measure out he wants to find himself and he doesn't want to be a bitch anymore!" Drop this sentence and turn away The moment I turned back I shed tears in a mess My mother I can't move it I'd rather write than move it I can't afford to fall down 15 On the second day after his birthday Chao Yu said that Liu Jing had gone He didn't tell anyone where he was going Not a single letter was left Abnormally Chaoyu did not come to "celebrate" for me but kept comforting me and telling me not to think too much I He patted him on the shoulder and laughed three times "Without the scene I can touch all the beauties in the world!" As he spoke he reached out and touched him Chao Yu did not speak I pushed him away and pretended to be angry "Can you give me a reaction" Chao Yu suddenly hugged me In fact this is not a big deal it is nothing more than being dumped Nothing really As long as you don't think about him you will soon forget it After Chaoyu left I got dressed and went out of the door I saw the white mask as soon as I opened the door The perfectly shaped lips under the mask speak of the strangest in the world Words "The eyes are swollen like watermelons" I rubbed my eyes "Really swollen" Quan Xunfei pinched my cheeks with five fingers on one side It's really swollen ugly ugly I looked at him numbly and his voice was pulled out of shape "Does the mud want to pinch the face of the lotus root" Quan Xunfei rubbed my face like dough Not to mention the broken sleeve but also broken to cry for men I really want to wake you up! I reached out and pulled his face too
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Move to hunt the wasteland

Of the three Li Hong naturally spoke the least Apart Warehouse storage racks from occasionally scolding Zhao Kuan he did not know what reason to look for No matter what Wu Yaojiu and Feng Mengsheng said Zhao Kuan seemed to shake his head with determination Wu Yaojiu was bored and began to think about the feasibility of escaping to the east coast Feng Mengsheng however did not have to go to the Old World Basically he was willing to accompany Wu Yaojiu to the place he wanted to go not because he was greedy for wealth but because he knew in his heart that if he wanted to change the world he must first grasp power At least Wu Yaojiu had similar ideas with himself and his personality was honest but not treacherous With him he might have a chance to show his ambition He watched Wu Yaojiu seem to have given up persuading Zhao Kuan Feng Mengsheng naturally closed his mouth After thinking about it he suddenly turned around and asked Ban Xiurong "Xiurong what do you think" Ban Xiurong who had been listening with a smile was taken aback and said in surprise "Me" "Yes" Feng Mengsheng said solemnly "What's your opinion" "I don't know" Ban Xiurong smiled softly She pursed her lips and turned her eyes and said "We can discuss how to leave the imperial capital first" That's true too Wu Yaojiu nodded his head and said "She is really smart and gentle She is really a good girl Whoever marries you must be very happy" "The crown prince told a joke" Ban Xiurong smiled deeply and thanked Wu Yaojiu for his praise One side of Zhao Kuan but listen to straight stare in the heart one side secretly scold It didn't take long for this guy to hurt himself but this sentence was not obvious enough if he answered back it was easy to be laughed at After thinking about it Zhao Kuancai said "Xiurong is telling the truth We haven't figured out how to leave yet We are thinking about where to go in the future It's a waste of money" "It's all the same" Feng Mengsheng said with a straight face "As soon as we leave we have to choose where to go These two things have to be decided as soon as possible We can't ignore which one"

"Uh-huh" Zhao Kuan winked and said "Have you already decided" Old World isn't it It doesn't matter it doesn't matter first We started talking about how to get out of here bra tape measure Wu Yaojiu and Feng Mengsheng looked at each other and were somewhat discouraged It seemed that it was very difficult to convince Zhao Kuan ※ ※ ※ "Brother Kuan" Ban Xiurong stepped into Zhao Kuan's room and called softly The corner of Zhao Kuan's bed had "grown" out He was lying on the bed in a big shape looking straight at the ceiling He didn't know what he was thinking Hearing Ban Xiurong's call Zhao Kuan came to his senses and said with a smile "What's wrong" Ban Xiurong grew up with Zhao Kuan and some things were naturally not avoided She sat beside Zhao Kuan's bed and suddenly said after a moment "Brother Kuan is the method discussed today useful" "I won't know until I try" Zhao Kuan hesitated for a moment and said "But there is a little hope" Ban Xiurong paused and said "If the synthetic person is suspicious it will be very difficult" "That's the whole point" Zhao Kuan pondered and said "If we can deceive the synthetic people the plan behind should not be a big problem" "Well Narrow aisle rack " Ban Xiurong thought for a while Xiurong The two have been together for more than five or ten years Zhao Kuan sighed and said "If you have anything to say just say it" Ban Xiurong was not surprised either She smiled softly and said "What I want to ask is why does Brother Kuan insist on not going to the Old Continent" Zhao Kuan didn't seem to expect this problem He laughed and said "Why are you so tired" Isn't it good to go back to the countryside to rest "If Brother Kuan is really such a person" Ban Xiurong said faintly "When you hear the'Kuangba Seven Styles' you won't have that look on your face" As soon as Zhao Kuan was stunned his laughing mouth stiffened for a moment Then he shook his head and said "What nonsense are you talking about" "I know" Ban Xiurong smiled with the tenderness of understanding and said slowly "Brother Kuan doesn't trust me" "Where did you go" Zhao Kuan says at once "I am lazy originally who does not know" "Don't lie to me" Ban Xiurong looked at Zhao Kuan and said "Brother Kuan won't leave his friends because he is lazy"

” Zhao Kuan hesitated for a moment sighed and said "In the Old World there are no enemies and there are no synthetic people They should be able to protect themselves But you are different How can you go" Since he can not go Zhao Kuan of course is not at ease to leave himself Ban Xiurong had already thought clearly about the meaning of these words She shook her head and said radio shuttle racking "It doesn't matter to me I won't attract the enemy if I walk slowly alone Just go back to the city and live there" "No" Zhao Kuan shook his head and said "There is no such reason" "Otherwise I'll go to the Old World with you which is also a way" Ban Xiurong spoke out what was in her heart Zhao Kuan paused and said with a wry smile "Actually I had another way but I didn't say anything" To be honest I'm not going and it's not entirely your factor "Oh" Ban Xiurong didn't think there was any other reason Her eyes showed doubts and she said "Is there anything else" "Meng Sheng is ambitious and wants to change the world" Zhao Kuan always said thoughtfully "Even Wu won't have any opinions In this way Meng Sheng can probably play his part But Li Hong won't care too much about other things except for his clear grudges He happens to be their good helper I'm different" Why is it different Ban Xiurong didn't think of the problem Whether it is right or wrong there will be losses in changing a society Zhao Kuan thought and said "I don't necessarily want to see those things Maybe there will be a conflict with Meng Sheng in the future Do you want to see this happen" Ban Xiurong was puzzled and said "This" It will be a long time later Isn't it also a way to leave when the time comes "You don't understand" Zhao Kuan went on to say "Wu Caobao has a special status No matter what Meng Sheng wants to do at least at the beginning it must be established through him A deep trust must be established between the two With my presence it will only be a bad thing" In this way Ban Xiurong understood that although she had not been with Wu Yaojiu for a long time she had naturally seen that Wu Yaojiu especially liked Zhao Kuan and did not care so much about the well-behaved Feng Mengsheng Ban Xiurong thought for a moment before saying
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One-handed Beggar-Return of the Pearl Landlord _ txt Novel Paradise

Just as he couldn't make up his mind Shen Hung-jen though Steel racking system mature and cautious was quite careful After meeting his master he suddenly remembered that the master's note only showed the names and abilities of the four generations of masters He even noted whether he often went out of the mountains and which teacher he had friends with As for Bingrong he only said that Binglie's great-grandson although he did not mention men and women there were four words "excellent water quality" below and he made two circles First because the woodcutter did not explain he was eager to get up Although he heard that the woman's name was the same as the note he did not pay much attention to it Later he realized that the woman was not only the first person in the younger generation but also got the true biography of the elder C Her martial arts and water skills were not as good as those of many of her elders Listen to the tone again and wish to have the same meaning can not help but move just with Jiang Fei the same mind However people are more respectful see Bing Nanxun and his wife and several elders seem to be unwilling to take risks they are guests although it is not convenient to secretly instigate so that the host is not happy but the heart is very willing to these younger masters to go on a few Just as he was about to leave he tried a little When the night came to sleep everyone dispersed Bingrong said that he had something to do and went first

They slept on the same bed Just as they were about to go to bed they heard someone play lightly on the window pane Geng Chongli was startled He asked and answered in a low voice and then kept silent Geng Chongli gestured and asked them not to take off their clothes and lie down He pretended to work hard on the opposite couch and sat up The two of them knew there was a reason After a while they heard the sound of footsteps Bing Rong laughed outside and asked "Have you two Martial Uncles slept" I had an early meal today and went to bed late I was afraid that I would be hungry at night I brought three bowls of snacks How about taking them in for me Elder Martial Brother Geng Geng Zhong replied with a deliberate smile "The two Martial Uncles are talking and haven't taken off their clothes yet Would you like to come in and sit down for a while" Before he had finished speaking Bingrong walked in calmly holding three bowls of glutinous rice balls in his hand Shen and Jiang hurriedly passed by and as soon as they were on the opposite side they caught a glimpse of a small paper roll on the plate Geng Zhong had already picked it up with one hand At the same time he saw Bing Rong's mouth tilting toward the side window Knowing that someone was following him he humbly thanked him and asked "Why don't you eat the same thing Younger Martial Sister" It's so late at night and you're still trying to send snacks to your parents The foolish brother is too upset Bing Rong winked at the two of them and Geng Zhong again and said with a smile "My mother doesn't trust me She's afraid of stealing out of the mountains to cause trouble again She ordered the two brothers and sisters-in-law to pay attention in secret She doesn't believe what she said It's really urgent!"! Just now I was so angry that I wanted to go back to my room to rest but I couldn't sleep Later when I saw my brother sister-in-law and aunt coming back I realized that they had just left Remembering that the two martial uncles had slept too late I specially made a few bowls of snacks as a midnight snack Those of us who haven't slept have a bowl "I'll talk about it tomorrow in case the four aunts and their mother are oversensitive and can't accompany them I'll go first" Three people understand each said two heavy duty warehouse rack C Rong calmly out Jiang Fei sharp-eyed see the moonlight outside the window seems to have a figure flash expected to know that someone followed behind Bingrong see Geng important to hand over the note busy make the eyes stop Just as he was praising the delicious glutinous rice balls he heard the voice of argument in the corridor and kept saying that he was going forward The moonlight was very bright outside and when I looked through the window I saw a smaller woman as if I had never seen her before Suddenly I remembered that the whole family of the master had seen everything on the master's note but only the fourth aunt of Bingwei's younger sister had not seen anyone According to the note this girl is gifted thin and small She looks like a girl of eleven or twelve years old Her appearance is very strange but her sex is powerful and powerful She is much lower than Bingrong It must be her Seeing the man walking away he was about to inquire when he heard Geng Chong say in surprise "I didn't expect the fourth aunt to turn around tonight She has a strange temper and loves bra tape measure Rong Mei as much as her life But I'm afraid Rong Mei is young and bold and will be plotted against" Rong Mei no matter what only to be known must first rush to start to get rid of the enemy start and hot evil as hatred In order to love Rong Mei too much he watched her more closely than Shi Niang Rong Mei was not convinced and insisted on doing it herself The young and the old often argued She was supposed to go to Emei to look for a teacher but she didn't come back until the end of the year I don't know why she suddenly came As soon as she got home it was even harder for Rong Mei to sneak out of the mountain! Jiang Fei listened to his voice very low the note in his hand was also taken by Shen Hong relying on the bamboo house tall four sides in the air shaped like a pavilion there is a circle of bamboo corridor outside people can see when they pass by Hearing that people had gone far away Geng Zhong still dared not speak loudly As soon as I read the note I learned that Bingrong also saw their intentions After the guests left they didn't ask the three people to rescue them At most they would try to go to the bully village again in a month

Had it not been for the worries of the parents there would have been a lot of bandits and then they would have gone to make more trouble so that the people who went later would have more resistance I wish I could go to Junshan to make a scene again and put a few more fires in my heart to be happy That night knowing that his mother was afraid that he would play tricks again Shen and Jiang were quite mature but in the end they were young Of course the more helpers they had the better It was inevitable that the two sides would make a secret contract and then they would go with them and order several older brothers and uncles to spy on them to prevent them from stealing in the future Bingrong wanted to have a secret talk with the two of them several times but he didn't get it He planned to send them a midnight snack but he was afraid that someone would come with him He pretended to be angry and went back to his room to secretly write a note to meet them He told them how to meet each other Then he added two lines to the effect that he was lonely in the mountains and had no sisters of the same way He was eager to see the three female classmates of Wudang Knowing that these men and women of the same school would soon go to Yuezhou to meet them they asked the two of them to tell them on their behalf or asked someone to take a message asking Fan Du and Wan to find time to go to the mountains to meet them The words were not finished and the handwriting of the two sentences was suddenly confused as if someone was coming when they were written Jiang Fei looked secretly pleased rare the other side does not wait to open his mouth such affection so many strange people to help and that high water no more wonderful! Fang wanted to ask Geng Zhong to pay his respects on his behalf but Geng Zhong's face suddenly changed He snatched the note from Shen Hong and hid it in his hand He bowed his head and ate the glutinous rice balls pretending that nothing had happened
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With white, already white

Or she is indifferent Or she wants to save Drive in racking system But everything is out of the question Personally I like Bai's stubbornness because I don't have her stubbornness Also like she sees everything is an understatement the wind is light and the clouds are light that kind of attitude like a monk who has seen through the world of mortals but this time the person who has seen through the world of mortals is not a monk but she a girl named Su Yibai She loves everything in the world but she also complains about everything in the world that she doesn't want She felt that as long as she was strong nothing could not be done She also felt that as long as no one was involved everything would be smooth sailing She is stubborn persistent persistent For love she has lost the best but in exchange for the most profound For the family she once lost the most heart but in exchange for the most warm … For the story of Yibai those who like it can watch it all the time and those who don't like it can also get off halfway Hope you like white like white like double happiness like flying together — — by Su Ruoche Wedge Wedge Su Yibai A woman who is now a typical urban white-collar worker likes to advocate strong and mellow coffee and kiss the sad traces in the photos There is still a message left in the mobile phone a few years ago to be happy ※※※※※※ Divorce is nothing Haven't you been divorced once What's the harm of one more time not to mention his own eyes do not know'gold inlaid with jade ' "Su Yibai's good friend Shuangxi took the tomato flavor of Beeker potato chips and did not listen As soon as he ate a piece he murmured

With a gentle smile the corners of her mouth raised a beautiful arc and her long hair fell over her shoulders she looked very beautiful Unfortunately I'm not'gold inlaid with jade ' Pallet rack beams I'm just'mud inlaid with iron' Shuangxi was stunned then picked up the potato chips and nibbled them down "Don't give up on yourself It's only 32 years old It's too early to be young Besides on your condition men all over the world are chasing you" Yibai picked up the potato chips and took a bite thinking it tasted good Love this thing from the beginning I should not touch him is the so-called "I do not attack he does not attack me" Shuangxi can't watch Yibai eat up all the potato chips When he just grabbed them there were only two pieces left in the bag Spare them These two pieces are mine Love is heroin but it's not necessarily that it can't bring happiness and happiness to people and haven't you ever been happy because of love As soon as Shuangxi finished saying this he grabbed Kebik and ate the two pieces inside without mercy Bai smiled faintly and when he turned his head he saw Shuangxi go into the house and hold Che out The child was grinning and looking at Bai Pallet rack upright Shuangxi don't molest my daughter With a little bad smile Yibai teased Shuangxi Double happiness Hei Hei smiled showing white teeth smiling like Yichu two people silly grinning like a fool Just flirt with what Shuangxi scraped Yiche's lovely nose with his hand and sighed "God you see this child's mother is so beautiful and this child is also beautiful I can't compare with this godmother It seems that you are not going to give me a day" With a white laugh he looked at Che and his eyes flashed a trace of gloom Don't be poor There are some bags of potato chips on the cabinet on the left side of the kitchen You can take them to plug your mouth Ibai pointed to the cabinet on the left side of the kitchen Shuangxi ran away after listening and Yichu sat on the small sofa grinning and looking at Yibai If only this were your child Ruobai Ruobai is the lover of Yibai University which can be said to be the first love the only first love Those four years of college life are the sweetest days no matter which marriage life after graduation is not as good as those four years of living with Ruobai day and night Yibai has been living in the days of missing Ruobai She knew very well that Ruobai wanted her to be happy and happy

First encounter First encounter She Su Yibai 19 years old female is a first-year student of C University Early in the morning I saw a ray of sunshine coming out of the deep clouds just like the beautiful sunshine of the newborn sun shining on the Avenue of C It's seven o'clock in the morning It's very early There are not many people in C University It's very quiet but it makes people feel a little terrible in this morning Because it's so quiet There was a girl who was admitted to a provincial and municipal university at the age of seventeen No one in the school did not know her existence She had a beautiful face and a smile that often hung between her eyebrows She is one of the trump cards in the literature department of C University She is both a top student and a special student In the eyes of C college students she is like "the king of the world who competes with the front" The feeling is the same the whole body around that a domineering but it is a weak woman Holding the Complete Works of Andersen's Fairy Tales in her hand she looked around as she walked It can be imagined that her identity is such that she is reading the Complete Works of Andersen's Fairy Tales Even if she studies Andersen's writing style she does not need to be so serious In fact she did not intend to take Andersen's "masterpiece" on the campus Avenue in the early morning Actually she wanted to borrow Anna last time Karenina Yes this book is the Russian Lev Tolstoy wrote it 。 She has always wanted to read this book Who knows the people in the library were confused and took the wrong book However to be precise "Anna" Karinina Inside is the Complete Works of Andersen's Fairy Tales She was very happy when she saw the contents because she had been asking for it for three weeks and finally the book was there who knows The result is like this 。 After returning to the dormitory she sat on a chair and just opened the book who knew that the front page was written with a few big words The Complete Works of Andersen's Fairy Tales by Andersen She was annoyed How could the administrator deceive her young mind Just as I was thinking about the ins and outs of the matter my eyes darkened — Bang!
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Death list

Before Qin Lun killed a fjord sea monster and showed no intention Cantilever Storage rack to pursue the fjord sea monster the fat man estimated that at that time he was identified as an enemy After all in the current situation of huge losses in the two plot teams if Fanny and Statham are allowed to die their mission may face collapse Once it was established that Donald was on the reincarnation side the rest of the puzzle was solved The fat man should not be alone he must have a few companions in the dark to help him At this point in the plot line following the direction of the fjord sea monster's escape it is not difficult for the fat man's companions to find the cave ahead of time and then ambush in the cave in front of the drowning part of the underground river That would explain why Donald would chase the Fjord Kraken straight into the cave regardless With the help of other reincarnations he didn't have to be afraid of a few Fjord Kraken His companions hadn't been on the plane but they wouldn't be concerned by death Donald's only flaw is that he is too anxious to arouse Qin Lun's suspicion However I think he also has no way want to avoid the line of sight of Allen and others with Qin Lun to a "reincarnation between the infighting" I am afraid there is no more suitable venue than here In addition of course there is a very small probability of the possibility that Donald belongs to the high level of reincarnation he has the confidence to fight against the law of cause and effect of the game of death to save Fanny and Statham This probability is obviously close to nothing even if he is to dig deep into the world plot line there is no need to take this risk At this time in the cave the underground river bypassed the drowning section of nearly 100 meters where a large cave reappeared and a half-moon shaped open space appeared on the right side of the underground river There were four people sitting or standing in the open space and one of them a fat man sitting on a rock with a golden knife was Donald! But at this time the fat man's face was ferocious his eyes were cold and there was no such stupid appearance as before On his right foot was a large headless corpse the largest of the remaining sea monsters in the fjord

The other three little sea monsters were apparently all corpses and the half-moon beach was covered with blood and the remains of sea monsters everywhere Chapter 22 counter-killing "Will he come boss" One of the four reincarnations a female reincarnation whose bangs completely covered her eyes asked softly I don't know that guy is very cunning! Although Donald was full of resentment he did not vent his anger on his members He said in a deep voice "Although his performance has been very contradictory sometimes saving people and sometimes harming people the final result has not changed His existence has made our plot line collapse and more and more characters die especially pipe cantilever rack Wilson and Luke" "Bang!" Donald thought of this and clapped a deep palm print on the rock under his body He said angrily "Wilson's death made us lose at least 30% of the task completion" "Boss calm down It's all our fault that we didn't come to Arcadia in time!" Next to several reincarnation heard their faces showed a wry smile As Qin Lun speculated Donald is indeed a reincarnation but also the leader of this small team However because Donald used a prop to get direct access to key plot characters his team members were no longer covered by the identity of federal agents Donald followed Allen and others to Acadia National Park Narrow aisle rack which was driven by mysterious forces while his team members encountered great resistance along the way because they did not have the status of federal agents The road rangers are always looking for trouble presumably from other reincarnated teams assigned to federal agents Without the help of his companions Donald himself was targeted by death so he dared not take the initiative to find Wilson's team that night causing the plot to get out of control This result is probably not expected by all the reincarnation teams who stumble over each other thinking that with less external interference the two plot teams can converge on their own Unexpectedly Susan met Qin Lun which led to the death of Wilson an important plot character In fact Susan will meet Qin Lun probably also the influence of the game of death after all Qin Lun will also encounter the night attack of the sea monster in the fjord At that time there was no gun around him and death might not be able to kill him

"Boss according to you that guy's strength may be higher than yours Can we deal with it" One of the four reincarnations a male reincarnation with a high nose and deep eyes asked with some concern Hum if he dares to drown he will die Donald's fat face was full of sneers "People on the death list have been weakened by at least 50% They should always pay attention to unexpected situations" But the people who fight with him have increased their fighting power by 50% because you have the help of death The only thing you have to be careful about is not to be pulled too far away from the guy or the impact of the death game on him will be reduced However we have no intention to calculate and this place is not big so we have a good chance of winning Donald flashed his eyes twice and asked the female reincarnator whose bangs had blocked her eyes "Are Fanny and Statham hiding" "Well they've been sedated and they won't wake up for at least an hour" The female reincarnator nodded calmly "However after solving the reincarnation we should treat them as soon as possible" Fanny's in better shape but she's too frightened Statham has lost a lot of blood and is badly injured Our recovery medicine is of no use to him He needs immediate surgery Fortunately Statham belongs to Wilson's team and has not been targeted by death for the time being If he were a member of Allen's team any surgery would be a one-way ticket to heaven Donald said with a wry smile Boss is the game of death really so powerful We reincarnators have regular bodies Is it okay to have an accident Another reincarnator asked doubtfully The game of death is not just an accident it is the law of cause and effect of collapse in other words the fate of certain death Donald said with deep feeling "a single accident is not terrible but a superimposed accident is terrible" Have the effect of law of cause and effect abrade can become scurvy have a meal to be able to eat cyanide ~ natrium someone pricks you with a needle can become inside haemorrhage do you say terrible not terrible 。
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Happy Life in the Sixties

Believing it to be true Liu Yue quickly looked at Industrial pallet rack Zhao Jianguo's ears and asked eagerly "Brother Jianguo does it still hurt I didn't mean to" Zhao Jianguo laughed and suddenly turned off the light In the darkness he heard a charming cry in the room You're a big liar a bad man um Ah gently Chapter 131 On the seventh or eighth day of the first lunar month most of the younger generation paid New Year's greetings to their relatives and the uncle's family began to send lanterns and a kind of long fireworks like a rope half a meter long to their nephews and nieces From the tenth day of the first lunar month the children in the village ran around the village with lanterns As soon as they came out there were a group of people each carrying a small lantern in his hand and some holding earthen fireworks and then throwing them into a circle to play The sparks that came out accidentally fell on their clothes which was a small burnt hole They would not go home and play in the middle of the night When the parents found out the next day they could only hold their breath and scold "Coward!"! We'll settle the total account after fifteen This kind of activity will not end until the evening of the fifteenth day of the first lunar month after the lantern festival After the lanterns are scattered on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month parents should insert a candle in every corner of the courtyard to illuminate the courtyard so as to drive away the filth in the courtyard and make the new year clean and bright All the lanterns carried by children should be burned and lanterns will appear in the house when people come except for the big lanterns hanging at the door After the fifteenth day of the first lunar month it means that the

New Year is over and the work of the new year will begin Zhao Jianguo is ready to recruit people to develop the hunting ground in his mind and the hot springs found when he sent tigers and grizzly bears back to the mountains and forests and to Pallet rack supplier develop all the resorts for tourism in the Western Hills in the next five years In this way Mingxuan will be able to take over his class after graduation I can also take Liu Yue to play around the world This is he and Zhao Mingxuan has long agreed such as Mingxuan graduation he will help two years to officially retire at this point Zhao Jianguo pit son is not discussed poor Mingxuan just over 21 years old will become a family helmsman When Zhao Jianguo was very busy someone came here to mess with him Zhao Jianguo looked at the shy and timid Sun Xiaoru in front of him He was very speechless It could be said to be a coincidence to meet him once or twice At this time it could not be a coincidence every time With these measures the TV series were all bad Although Zhao Jianguo just started to see Liu Yue long good-looking but this time long Liu Yue meticulous care filial piety to his parents so that he unconsciously fell in love with this kind woman Zhao Jianguo doesn't want to be sorry for Liu Yue and stick to Sun Xiaogu To make Liu Yue sad Bai could not be distressed So when Sun Xiaogu came up again he said clearly "Sun Xiaogu men and women are different You always come to me which has caused me a lot of trouble I hope you can live in peace in the future" Sun Xiaogu was surprised for a moment but then he thought that Zhao Jianguo was not a decent person before It was estimated that he was angry that he had ignored him before There were men in the world who didn't cheat So Pear Flower with Rain cried in a low voice and said in a charming voice "Jianguo I used to like you too but my father was strict and wanted me to marry to the town I couldn't beat my family" Now I am free I really like you as long as I follow you I will not affect your family warehouse rack manufacturer I do not want a name "I don't like you and I won't have anything to do with you You'd better not come to my office again and live a peaceful life Otherwise I'll talk to your family in person" Zhao Jianguo said coldly Although Sun Xiaogu is a beauty but there are many beauties in the world Zhao Jianguo does not want to be penny-wise and pound-foolish so that there is a gap between himself and Liu Yue destroying his happy family Sun Xiaogu looked at the cold Zhao Jianguo is this man's heart made of iron Such a beautiful woman is so wronged that she wants to follow him Shouldn't he be secretly pleased So a little angry asked "Zhao Jianguo you touch your heart I do not have a little heart" "No I'm only interested in my wife Please go out"

Zhao Jianguo continued to look at his documents without raising his head Sun Xiaogu was really angry and cried this time "Zhao Jianguo I hate you!" He shouted Then he covered his face and ran out crying As soon as I opened the door I saw Liu Yue at the door and I was even more angry "Humph!" Run away with a sound When Zhao Jianguo heard the noise he looked up and saw that it was Liu Yue He quickly stood up and went over to hug her in He said with a smile "See" Daughter-in-law I am so good do you have any reward Said to Liu Yue's neck Liu Yue looked at the shameless Zhao Jianguo and thought it was funny She was very happy but she pretended to be angry and said "No reward!"! It attracts bees and butterflies every day Zhao Jianguo pretended to be sad and said "Alas I am loyal to my daughter-in-law but my daughter-in-law doesn't believe me I am sad and want to hug her" Liu Yue pinched Zhao Jianguo's face with a reddish face and said with a smile "Your face is getting thicker and thicker" Then he gently kissed Zhao Jianguo on the face "For the sake of your good performance I will reward you" …… Three years later Minghui was admitted to the National University of Defense Technology realizing his first step to become a professional soldier Although Mingxuan university has not graduated but Zhao Jianguo handed over most of the company's business to him this boy is born to be a businessman some ideas practices Zhao Jian thinks that if you change yourself you may not be able to do better than him So Zhao Jianguo was very irresponsible so he became a shopkeeper Every day he went hunting in the mountains fishing in the river and from time to time he took Liu Yue to soak in hot springs and had a lot of fun If he didn't have to make up his mind about something maybe he and Liu Yue would be able to go abroad and travel around the world Zhao Jianguo is carefree In his carefree life Xu Dabiao the director of the Public Security Bureau and Zhang Jiabao the president of the court who took over his father-in-law were so envious that they wished they could beat up the boy They all sighed Among the brothers Zhao Jianguo was the most chicken thief He refused to do public office anyway and did it himself He could retire and visit the mountains and rivers at the age of forty Zhang Jiabao can't see Mingxuan now He used to say that he wanted Mingxuan to be his son-in-law but when Mingxuan abducted his little baby who had just turned sixteen he would scratch his heart and lungs How much he liked Pengxuan before how much he hated it now It's so annoying!
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What is the difference between N95 and KN95 masks? Can they all be used for medical protection? _ particulate matter

Originally published as What's the difference between N95 Medical Full Body Coverall and KN95 masks Can they all be used for medical protection An epidemic has made almost everyone aware of the various standards of masks the most popular of which are N95 and KN95 What is the difference between N95 and KN95 Can these two standard masks be used for first-line medical protection Let's take a look at the answer in this article 1 Is there any difference between KN95 and N95 mask N95 is the certification grade for respirators in the United States and is certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) This kind of mask can filter out more than 95% of non-oily particles (aerosols) under the condition of specified airflow (85L/min) so it is named N95 If it can filter more than 99% of particulate matter (aerosol) it is called N99 mask In addition corresponding to N95 KN95 is a mask certified by China's GB2626-2006 Respiratory Protective Equipment Self-priming Filter Particulate Respirator Standard KN95 has the same level of protection as N95 mask but it follows the test standards of different countries KN95 masks follow Chinese standards and N95 mask follow American standards both of which have a protective efficiency of no less than 95% against non-oily particles (sodium chloride particles for experiments)

2 Can KN95 mask be used for first-line protection KN95 respirators and N95 mask include both medical and non-medical types Among them KN95/N95 mask masks with "medical" logo can be used for first-line protection of medical staff during the anti-epidemic period masks without "medical" logo are not recommended for medical staff ordinary people can use them Masks conforming to GB19083 above Grade 1 can not only achieve 95% filtration but also prevent liquid penetration and can be used for various operations in medical institutions 3 Why is KN95/N95 mask anti-virus Viruses usually do not exist in the air alone but are attached to particles such as Full Body Disposable Coverall droplets dust and dander The filtering mechanism of KN95 and N95 mask is to block these fine particles through the high-performance filter layer in the mask to build a protective barrier Therefore when wearing KN95/N95 respirators namely self-priming filter particulate respirator masks attention should be paid to the tightness KN95 Face Mask with Five Layers which should be close to the face and never leave a "convenient door" for viruses and bacteria It is recommended to use masks with "exhalation valves" with caution 4 What is the difference between medical and non-medical masks in KN95/N95 mask The main difference is that the outer surface of the medical mask is hydrophobic while the surgical mask of GB19083-2010 and YY0469-2011 clearly put forward the requirement of "synthetic blood penetration" and the parameter index of "surface moisture resistance" which clearly define the protective effect of medical protective masks on blood body fluids and other liquids Generally speaking just like a drop of water falling on a lotus leaf the liquid cannot be soaked on the surface of the mask which can block alcohol blood and the like frequently touched by medical staff and prevent the rapid penetration of the alcohol and the blood; and a non-medical type KN95/N95 mask is not subjected to the special treatment The filter layer of KN95 and N95 protective masks has the most protective function The filter layer is made of polypropylene melt-blown superfine fiber electret material The outer surface of the mask has not been hydrophobic treated When it comes into contact with water and alcohol the structure of the material will be destroyed and the filtering effect will be greatly reduced Moreover blood often contains bacteria viruses and so on and the application scenarios of hospitals determine that medical staff are likely to be exposed to the blood environment of patients Therefore hydrophobic treatment on the surface of medical masks is indispensable Ordinary people are not likely to encounter alcohol and blood as long as they change their masks regularly it is not harmful to their outside without this treatment 5 What is the protective effect of KN95/N95 mask with breather valve KN95/N95 mask is also divided into breather valve and non-breather valve For masks permeability and filtering efficiency are always a pair of contradictions if the filtering effect is good they often feel more suffocating Breathing valves are designed to relieve breath-holding

The exhalation valve and the inhalation valve are a mechanical switch the valve is closed when inhaling and opened when exhaling the air is "screened" by the filter layer and the valve is opened when exhaling to reduce the sense of resistance The problem is that it is not clear whether the mechanical switch will suddenly break down when worn or whether it will be stuck by fine particles allowing harmful particles carried by air that have not passed through the filter layer to enter Therefore medical masks do not have breathing valves Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor
New rules for wearing medical masks! The third edition of "Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus" is coming _ Protection Jobs - Employee 2022-08-16
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New rules for wearing medical masks! The third edition of "Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus" is coming _ Protection

Original Title New Rules for Wearing Medical Masks! bra tape measure The third edition of "Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus" is coming Compared with the previous edition of the guide what are the differences in the third edition and what are the main adjustments On September 13 2021 the National Health Commission issued the Technical Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of New coronavirus Infection in Medical Institutions (the third edition) (hereinafter referred to as the "Guidelines") only five months after the publication of the second edition The first edition of the guide was released on January 23 2020 Compared with the previous edition the new edition of the guidelines mainly increased the contents of "medical staff protection" and "closed-loop management of fever clinics and designated hospitals" The content structure has not been greatly adjusted which is divided into four chapters "overall requirements" "prevention and control strategies" "basic requirements" and "technical requirements of key departments and departments" Since this year there have been many hospital infection incidents requiring hospitals to refine the sensory control program Since this year hospital infection incidents have occurred in many places which has sounded the alarm bell for hospital infection control On January 19 the official website of the National Health Commission issued a circular on the inadequate prevention and control of COVID-19 in Gaocheng People's Hospital of Shijiazhuang City and Xinle Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hebei Province which included 14 positive cases including a 70-year-old hospital nurse who was diagnosed Problems such as confusion in hospital management failure of health departments and local prevention and control command departments to perform their duties have been exposed and Hebei Province and Shijiazhuang City have held relevant personnel accountable At the end of July a large-scale hospital infection broke out in the Sixth People's Hospital of Zhengzhou and nearly 150 hospital staff and patients were infected As a former "anti-epidemic star" of KN95 Mask with Fast Shipping Henan Infectious Disease Hospital Ma Shuhuan Secretary of the Party Committee of the hospital was dismissed after the hospital infection occurred The Sixth Hospital of Zhengzhou is still in the period of recovery and reconstruction and has not yet been opened

Expand the full text In September the epidemic broke out again in Yangzhou Jiangsu Then came the epidemic centered on Putian City and Xiamen City in Fujian Province Yesterday the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University announced that the nucleic acid test results of a logistics service staff of a third-party company in the hospital were positive These incidents are reminding medical institutions to guard against weak links in the work of sensory control Especially after the occurrence of large-scale nosocomial infection in Zhengzhou Sixth Hospital the Joint Prevention and Control Group of the State Council issued three documents on strengthening the sensory control of designated hospitals improving the sensory control mechanism of medical institutions and strengthening the management of sensory control personnel in medical institutions within a month which provided more norms for hospital sensory control work The contents of these documents are also reflected in the guidelines released this time The guidelines require strict implementation of the requirements of the above documents including equipping a team of highly professional infection control personnel according to the requirements; medical institutions should formulate detailed training programs for all staff of infection prevention and control in their institutions and further strengthen the awareness that "everyone is a practitioner of infection control" To strengthen protection some medical staff masks should be tested for tightness "Proper Use of Personal Protective Equipment" is part of the "Essential Requirements" section of the guide The content of the old guide is Medical institutions should strengthen the management of personnel protection and reserve protective materials of good quality and sufficient quantity Medical staff should correctly and rationally use medical surgical or medical protective masks goggles or protective screens gloves isolation clothes or protective suit according to exposure risks and diagnostic and therapeutic operations so as to ensure that personal protection of medical staff is in place At the same time they should guide and supervise patients and their accompanying personnel as well as other personnel entering medical institutions to do a good job of personal protection The latest edition of the guidelines adds a paragraph to the above content requiring some medical staff masks to be tested for tightness In isolation wards fever clinics nucleic acid sampling points nucleic acid testing laboratories and other key places medical staff who are more likely to come into contact with the novel coronavirus should strengthen protection and strictly implement the requirements of wearing medical protective masks The personnel working in the fever clinic and the isolation ward of the designated hospital shall be tested for the suitability and tightness of the medical protective mask and only those who are qualified shall be allowed to work; before entering the fever clinic and the isolation ward of the designated hospital the tightness of the medical protective mask shall be tested

What should I do if the mask falls off carelessly in the polluted area CE Certificate KN95 Mask Guidelines require posting of disposal procedures For the contaminated areas of designated hospitals and wards for COVID-19 treatment the old version of the guidelines requires that "the contaminated areas should be equipped with individually packaged personal protective equipment and occupational exposure emergency disposal boxes for emergency use" while the new version of the guidelines also requires that "the disposal procedures after respiratory occupational exposure (see Annex 4) should be posted in obvious places" Annex 4 reads as follows Disposal process after respiratory tract occupational exposure 1 Virus Prevention Mask 3 Ply with Earloop Respiratory exposure Close contact with patients diagnosed with COVID-19 due to lack of respiratory protective measures damage to respiratory protective measures (such as loose masks falling off etc) use of ineffective respiratory protective measures (such as use of masks that do not meet the requirements of the specification); contact with mouth and nose by hands contaminated by COVID-19 etc II Disposal Process (1) When occupational exposure to respiratory tract occurs in a medical staff measures shall be taken immediately to protect the respiratory tract (covering the mask with the hand after the implementation of standardized hand hygiene or adding a layer of mask urgently etc) and the contaminated area shall be evacuated according to the prescribed procedures (II) Pass through the unloading area in an emergency and unload the protective equipment according to the requirements of the specifications (3) Clean and disinfect the oral cavity or/and nasal cavity with clean water 01% hydrogen peroxide solution and iodophor according to the situation and leave after wearing a medical surgical mask (4) Timely report to the director of the department concerned the head nurse and the competent department of the medical institution (5) Medical institutions shall organize experts to conduct risk assessment as soon as possible including confirming whether isolation medical observation preventive medication and psychological counseling are needed (VI) Persons with high risk exposure shall be managed as close contact persons and shall be isolated for medical observation for 14 days (7) Fill in the occupational exposure record form of COVID-19 medical staff in time especially the causes of exposure and carefully summarize and analyze them to prevent similar incidents Some fever clinics also need closed-loop management The technical requirements for key departments and departments in the guidelines are independent These key departments and departments are fever clinics emergency departments departments/departments where patients need to remove masks when receiving diagnosis and treatment measures hemodialysis centers (rooms) general wards (rooms) designated hospitals and wards for the treatment of COVID-19 infected persons and COVID-19 nucleic acid testing laboratories Among them the new guidelines have greatly increased the contents of the two sections of "fever clinics" and "designated hospitals and wards for the treatment of novel coronavirus infected persons" For fever clinics the new guidelines put forward more specific requirements for protection medical staff entering and leaving fever clinics and observation wards should wear medical protective masks work caps gloves boots or shoe covers (protective suit do not need to wear boots if they already have boots) wear isolation gowns or protective suit (observation wards should wear protective suit) and wear goggles or protective screens according to the operation of diagnosis and treatment And part of the fever clinic staff to strict closed-loop management this part is reception entry domestic high risk areas and focus on the isolation point of fever patients and other high-risk groups of fever clinics All personnel in the isolation ward travel at two points and one line In the old version of the guidelines the isolation wards of designated hospitals were required to carry out closed-loop management while the new version of the guidelines put forward one more point "strict implementation" Specifically during the working period a single person will be arranged to live in a single room and all personnel will travel between the station and the designated hospital at two points and one line with fixed commuting vehicles and no station will be arranged in the designated hospital The new guidelines also specify the scope of "all staff" in the isolation wards of designated hospitals Including medical management security cleaning catering medical waste collection and transportation personnel and other staff who directly or indirectly contact with COVID-19 infected persons (including medical staff such as imaging examination and closed-loop management personnel who provide services for COVID-19 infected persons) In addition for designated hospitals the new guidelines also have several provisions that the old version did not have in principle the reserve should meet the needs of designated hospitals to operate at full capacity for 30 days; fever clinics should immediately transfer new coronavirus infected persons to designated hospitals; For the management of accompanying and visiting the expression of "in principle" has been deleted from the old version of "no arrangement for visiting and accompanying in principle" that is "no arrangement for visiting and accompanying"

Source Medical think tank Author Wei Xiaoning Proofread by Zang Hengjia Editor Zheng Huaju The medical profession strives for the accuracy and reliability of its published contents at the time of approval but does not make any commitment and guarantee to the timeliness of the published contents and the accuracy and completeness of the cited information (if any) nor does it assume any responsibility arising from the fact that such contents are outdated or that the cited information may be inaccurate or incomplete Relevant parties are requested to check separately when they adopt or use it as a basis for decision-making Click "Read the original article" to see more information and return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor
Medical disposable protective suit waterproof adhesive tape brief introduction _ production Jobs - Employee 2022-08-16
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Medical disposable protective suit waterproof adhesive tape brief introduction _ production

Original title Brief Introduction of Medical bra tape measure Disposable protective suit Waterproof Adhesive Strip (Die-cutting House April 8) medical protective suit as a kind of anti-chemical clothing is mainly used for medical staff to wear The ideal medical protective suit should be multifunctional not only able to protect medical staff from toxic and harmful liquids gases or infectious viruses and microorganisms but also comfortable to wear with barrier properties but also breathable antibacterial and anti-allergenic not harmful to human health In addition the choice of protective suit fabrics should also consider the cost and environmental protection after waste Requirements to achieve "three refusals and one resistance" that is water-repellent blood-repellent alcohol-repellent and antistatic medical protective suit are different from general woven materials using special composite materials which can be compounded with different materials such as polyethylene/polypropylene spunbonded non-woven fabrics with breathable microporous films or other non-woven fabrics or with spunlaced non-woven Or the wood pulp is used for compounding the spunlaced nonwoven fabric At present the nonwovens used in several medical protective suit being sold and developed in the domestic market are mainly as follows Polypropylene spunbonded fabric Spunlaced fabric composed of polyester fiber and wood pulp Polypropylene spunbond-meltblown-spunbond composite nonwoven fabric ie SMS or SMMS Polymer-coated fabric Polyethylene breathable film/nonwoven composite cloth TPU moisture permeable film/nonwoven composite fabric Common medical protective suit usually consist of hats jackets and trousers which have strict standards in production including protection (sealing) clothing safety and hygiene Through the cutting sewing on the elastic adhesive tape to produce medical protective suit involving the process can not be separated from these three flat seam overlock pressure glue The reason why protective suit can achieve such a high sealing is that it can not be separated from the most important step of pressing glue Aft that protective suit is sewn by a lathe work all stitches and pinholes in the protective suit need to be sealed by pressing glue through a heat seal machine so as to prevent dust or liquid from entering from the sewn pinholes and enhance the isolation performance and use safety of the protective suit

As shown in the figure below the adhesive pressing is to press the heat-sealing adhesive tape at the pinhole position of the protective suit through the heat-sealing machine to ensure the sealing of the pinhole position The outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic with the spread of the epidemic the demand for medical supplies around the surge the most scarce is medical protective suit During the Spring Festival the import protective suit and inventory protective suit played an Medical Quickly Delivery Antivirus Coverall important role and the follow-up protective suit supply was mainly domestic The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology takes the following measures Expand the full text 1 Make greater efforts to increase production and expand capacity; 2 Do a good job of docking supply and demand and fully guarantee the needs of epidemic prevention and control; 3 Strengthen the control of the whole process of allocation to ensure that key medical supplies are controllable and arrive on time In view of the shortage of medical protective suit many garment enterprises have responded to the call of the state to start production of "protective suit" while working overtime to improve production capacity The official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also released a proposal for collecting information on layering machines for medical protective suit production on February 9 saying that the output of medical protective suit has increased but it is still difficult to meet the current demand for epidemic prevention and treatment Among them the lack of layering machines (also known as hot air seam sealing machines stickers heat sealing machines) and matching heat sealing tapes are the bottlenecks restricting the increase of production and capacity The popular disposable medical protective suit materials on the market are mainly as follows The corresponding sealing processes of these materials are also different Polypropylene non-woven fabrics and SMS non-woven fabrics can be sealed by hot pressing that is two layers of fabrics are heated by a hot press and directly bonded together The hot pressing part will cause the fluctuation of hydrostatic pressure due to the insufficient uniformity of hot pressing Polyethylene microporous membrane/non-woven fabric shall be sealed by means of heat sealing The special polyethylene heat-sealing adhesive tape (hereinafter referred to as PE heat-sealing adhesive tape) for polyethylene microporous membrane shall be pressed at the suture position by using a heat-sealing machine to ensure airtightness The sealing method of TPU film/non-woven fabric is the same as that of polyethylene microporous film/non-woven fabric Use a heat sealer to press the TPU heat-sealing adhesive tape at the suture position to ensure the airtightness PE heat sealing rubber strip PE heat sealing adhesive tape shall be used together with polyethylene microporous film/non-woven fabric

The production method of the PE heat sealing adhesive tape is to coat the hot melt adhesive on a special base material which is mainly divided into polyester + hot melt adhesive EVA + hot melt adhesive and PE/EVA + heat melt adhesive The base material is produced first and then the hot melt adhesive is compounded on the surface of the base material The polyolefin hot melt adhesive used is also called TPR in the industry Protective suit sealing strip structure (Source Quickly Delivery Disposable Protective Clothing Jiangmen Yingtong Company) First of all we need to make fabrics dyeing and finishing which belongs to the textile industry and the production speed is greatly limited At the same time the melting point of the coated hot melt adhesive is very low at 50-70 deg C and most of the hot melt adhesive is produced in a scrape coating mode namely a base material is produced first then the hot melt adhesive material is scraped on the surface of the base material after being melted by a solvent and then is coiled into a coil after being dried; or the hot melt glue material can be cast on the surface of the base material in a casting extrusion mode and then is coiled into a large coil Finally cut the large roll of adhesive tape into small rolls of adhesive tape Because the production process starts from fiber manufacturing textile dyeing and finishing as well as resin synthesis processing and coating the industrial chain is relatively long and the process is complex Because of the low strength of TPR resin the basic strength must be provided by the fabric layer so the fabric and resin are indispensable There are Medical Disposable Coverall several drawbacks in the production process of PE heat-sealing adhesive tape The production process contains solvents which will pollute the environment If the solvents are not completely volatilized there may be residues The production efficiency of the scraping process is low about 5m/min which seriously affects the efficiency The hot melt adhesive material extruded by casting flows on the base material and the melting point of the hot melt adhesive material is too low by 50-70 deg C so that the processing is difficult and the production speed is slow Because the melting point of the polyethylene material is relatively low (100-120 ℃) the temperature setting of the heat sealing machine is also relatively low the speed of pressing the adhesive tape will be 5-8 m/min too fast may scald the polyethylene microporous film resulting in water leakage and the processing requires workers with high proficiency and technical requirements TPU heat sealing adhesive tape TPU heat sealing adhesive tape shall be used together with TPU film/non-woven fabric because TPU adhesive tape is incompatible with PE film and cannot be bonded The production of TPU heat-sealing adhesive tape is relatively simple and convenient It can be completed by using TPU blown film or TPU casting production equipment to produce films and then cutting them into small rolls The production speed of one set of TPU film making equipment is about 15m/min (equivalent to 100-120m/min when converted into the width of adhesive tape) which is much faster than that of PE heat-sealing adhesive tape Moreover the TPU film production equipment has strong versatility and the production capacity is not a problem at all The TPU heat-sealing adhesive strip can be of a two-layer structure wherein one layer is a high-temperature TPU which provides excellent barrier property and strength and the other layer is a low-temperature hot-melt adhesive TPU which provides excellent welding fastness and bonding speed Because the tensile strength of TPU is very high usually up to 30 ~ 50 MPa which is 5 ~ 6 times higher than that of TPR so the TPU waterproof strip does not need a plant layer at all and its strength is enough to meet the requirements of waterproof infiltration and bacteria resistance (the casual clothes and mountaineering clothes on the market at present are all of this structure) Moreover the TPU industry has been greatly developed in China from raw material synthesis to various production equipment the technical level of membrane enterprises is very high the products have a high cost performance and also have a very strong competitiveness in the international arena TPU sealant strip The melting point of the high-temperature TPU film is 150-170 deg C which is much higher than that of the polyethylene film and the melting point of the low-temperature hot melt adhesive TPU can be 70-120 deg C so that the speed of pressing the adhesive tape can reach about 15m/min the efficiency is greatly improved and the processing difficulty is relatively low The national standard "Technical Requirements for Medical Disposable protective suit" GB 19082 2009 stipulates that the hydrostatic pressure at the key parts of the protective suit should not be less than 1 67 kPa (17 cm H2O) The standard of hydrostatic pressure is actually very low Many garment customers of our company require that the hydrostatic pressure at the position of the adhesive tape should be more than 30 kPa (300 cm H2O) after the finished clothes are made; The hydrostatic pressure at the slightly higher adhesive tape pressing position is required to be more than 50 kPa (500 cm H2O) which is dozens of times of the hydrostatic pressure requirement specified by the protective suit and the TPU adhesive tape can easily meet the requirement

As a high-tech enterprise in China Zhongshan Boruisi New Material Co Ltd is the pioneer of TPU film products in China's national industry It has rich experience in designing and producing all kinds of original films for sealant strips including single-layer and multi-layer structures with different temperature ranges and different pressing speeds The company's medical protective clothing bacteria-resistant and moisture-permeable film is used for medical protective suit fabrics with the highest protection level Can be matched with pure TPU adhesive tape for rapid production With the deepening of anti-epidemic work we are pleased to see that more and more protective suit manufacturers begin to use composite TPU film fabrics The production of corresponding TPU sealing strips is also gradually keeping up For more industry information go to the application market to download the die-cutting home APP return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor
Detailed explanation of the production and disinfection process of medical masks with pictures and texts, with guidelines for the selection of masks _ production Jobs - Employee 2022-08-16
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Detailed explanation of the production and disinfection process of medical masks with pictures and texts, with guidelines for the selection of masks _ production

Original title Detailed explanation of the 3 Ply Disposable Protective Face Mask production and disinfection process of medical masks with pictures and texts with guidelines for mask selection According to the statistics of the Development and Reform Commission on February 5 as of February 3 the output of masks in 22 key provinces in China had reached 148 million an increase of 31% over the previous day of which N95 mask had reached 116000 an increase of 48% other medical masks had reached 998 million an incr ease of 36% and ordinary masks had reached 471 million The production of masks showed a continuous upward trend While sharing the good news with you Mr Process also brings you a detailed explanation of the production of medical masks The article is accompanied by a guide to the selection of masks as well as the resumption of work of domestic PP enterprises and the scheduling of medical and health materials It is full of dry goods! The article is longer it is recommended to read after collection In addition on February 2 Huang Libin a spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also said At present the main shortage of materials in Wuhan is medical protective supplies such as medical protective suit and medical N95 mask China has made every effort to promote the resumption of production in key enterprises By February 1 the daily output of medical protective suit had reached 20000 pieces a significant increase compared with 8700 pieces on January 28 and the production was basically used in Hubei At present China implements unified management and allocation of medical protective suit and the Ministry of Industry and Information bra tape measure Technology is doing everything possible to implement the supply of goods step up the organization of production and transportation increase the conversion of international standards expand international procurement for domestic use and strive to ensure demand In the face of the epidemic in addition to medical and health enterprises such as masks and protective suit PP enterprises in the plastic industry also resumed production during the holidays Up to now the number of PP enterprises in China has reached 14 and the number of medical and health materials scheduling enterprises has reached 31 (See the annex at the end of the article for the specific list and the data is still being updated in real time) What material is the N95 mask of an article published by Mr Process last week Which domestic chemical enterprises produce related raw materials There is also a detailed explanation of the mask materials Welcome to read Expand the full text So how are medical masks made How to disinfect the factory Let's take a look at a set of detailed graphic introductions

The following content comes from MadeWithFun (ID MadeWithFun) thanks to the original author's hard work Let's take a look! At least three floors If you cut out the mask you can see that there are at least three layers of non-woven fabrics which are required by the production regulations at least three layers When we look at the inferior masks that have been exposed on the market only one layer of non-woven fabric is used which is the serious jerry-building of unscrupulous manufacturers What do you mean by "non-woven fabric" "Non-woven fabrics" (also called "non-woven fabrics") are named for the process by which they are made They are not woven All kinds of clothes we often wear such as cotton linen and silk are always woven into shape little by little on the machine And the "non-woven fabric" is similar to the needling method we use to make felt There is no knitting It uses N needles to keep poking and poking so that the cotton structure is tangled and solidified together and then processed into such a flat layer of cloth This is not a precious material either Grandpa and grandma went to participate in a health activity for the elderly and most of the "environmentally friendly bags" they got were made of "non-woven fabrics" The middle filter layer of medical masks is made of melt-blown cloth that is KN95 Face Mask PP (polypropylene) and other chip particles are heated and melted pressurized and sprayed from small holes into very fine silk sprayed onto the net curtain and transported to the heated roller for hot pressing and shaping into cloth The inner and outer layers are generally made of spunbonded cloth which has similar cloth forming process and different functions of hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity The inner and outer layers can also be changed The outer layer is lined with needled cloth to improve the thickness and hardness but it can only block droplets not viruses The inner layer is changed to a softer ES hot-rolled cloth to improve comfort Then why is there a shortage of masks after so many days Because the market is in short supply As a disposable consumable More than one billion people across the country want to have a few people every day All of a sudden there is an explosive demand In addition the supply of raw materials is tight The big manufacturing countries urgently resume work and rush to work day and night but they can't supply for a while Merge three layers Such three layers of non-woven raw materials are stacked together through the production machine as shown in the figure below Have you noticed the small horn in the upper left corner of this machine There is a string of wire through the bell mouth and keeps sending it in Sew into the nose clip This depends on the second structure of the mask the bendable metal wire on the upper part of the mask When wearing the nose clip should be pinched and fixed to the bridge of the nose so that the mask can be worn tightly Otherwise without this structure the air leakage of my flat nose is more serious and the sealing is not tight which affects the protective effect Let's take a look at a close-up which is to match and convey the metal wire along one side of the non-woven fabric and then roll the edge of the structure in the following picture and then sew it up and it's done Stacked portion The main part of the mask is the layered structure shown in the picture below 3 Ply Disposable Protective Face Mask which can be pulled open to completely cover the mouth and nose and the big face is not afraid The cross section of this laminated structure is so long that it needs a machine folding link This is the mechanical design as shown in the figure below There are three adjustable inclined planes and a small bevel angle is set so that a large piece of non-woven fabric gradually narrows from left to right along these inclined planes to form a "folding structure" Then there is a tabletting link to flatten the surface of the mask Cutting link Most of the individual cutting and hemming of masks are fully automatic without manual processing And different masks have slight manufacturing differences some are sewn edges some are directly hot-pressed and glued small details What comes out is a separate main body of the mask It's not over yet There are still several steps ahead Complement edge pressing The picture below is the mask I bought Pay attention to the edge of the mask There is a non-woven fabric to reinforce and press the ear rope so as not to tear it off There are two large rolls of non-woven fabrics on the left and right waiting to reinforce the edge of the mask After one side is wrapped it is immediately pressed flat and glued At this time the masks that had been cut out were linked together again

This is really the endless hatred since ancient times So we still need a link to cut and reinforce the edge and make a clean break Hot-press and fix the ear rope Adhesive is also needed on the edge of the mask As shown in the picture below the mechanical claw on this side sends the ear rope and the adhesive on the other side fixes the ear rope on the mask In this way a flat mask is finished After that of course we have to bring out our "manual quality inspection" In the recent news of mask factories we often see employees pulling ear ropes to test or tidy up masks Some little cuties are worried about sterility Don't worry they have to be sent to disinfect and sterilize again Open type mask Before disinfection let's look at the production of an open mask which is common in anti-smog mask or with higher protective specifications such as the kind with a breathing valve The feeding in the picture below is very clear There are five rolls of non-woven fabric on the right which shows that there are five layers of structure The orange turntable is the metal wire at the nose clip The most important structure of the open-type mask is shown in the picture below A whole piece of flat fabric is folded together through this V-shaped structure and then cut into a single one Then the production of edge cutting sewing reinforcing and ear sealing lines are almost the same so I won't repeat them Disinfection and sterilization Speaking of non-woven fabrics have you heard the old people complain that this kind of environmental protection bag is not strong and it is easy to break if you use it several times Fragile non-woven fabrics are generally not sterilized by high temperature but by using ethylene oxide a colorless gas to kill bacteria mold and fungi After finding an animated demonstration batches of masks were sent to the disinfection room and then ethylene oxide gas was introduced (the yellow color in the picture below is for highlighting in fact it is colorless) After reaching a certain concentration the disinfection process was completed After that air and nitrogen should be introduced into the disinfection room to dilute and remove ethylene oxide and so on until the residual amount of ethylene oxide on the surface of the mask reaches the standard There are also medical bandages sutures surgical instruments and some items that are not resistant to high temperature disinfection which can be disinfected with ethylene oxide In addition radiation disinfection is widely used in the disinfection of high-grade medical protective masks which mainly uses the ability of ionizing radiation to kill pathogenic microorganisms to disinfect disposable medical supplies It is superior to heating method and ethylene oxide chemical disinfection method and is a very mature sterilization method in radiation processing

The internationally accepted disinfectant dose is 25 kGy and some countries tend to prescribe higher doses (eg 30 to 50 kGy) At present in addition to the military industry there are about thirty or forty such subsidiaries of China Nuclear Power Group and China Guangzhou Nuclear Power Group providing irradiation disinfection technology services and all of them have been invested in this epidemic Sanitary products such as masks after radiation sterilization are safer and the radiation penetration is strong the disinfection is uniform and thorough and there is no harmful residue (Thank you for your supplement If you have any professional opinions please tell me in the comment area) During the epidemic period we will teach you how to choose the right mask not to over-protect so that emergency supplies can play the greatest role (Source Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention) Appendix 1 Production and Work Resumption of PP Enterprises Pictures from Jin Lianchuang Appendix 2 Investigation on Production Scheduling of PP Fiber/Medical Materials Pictures from Jin Lianchuang On January 31 Sinopec announced that during the anti-epidemic period the prices of medical and health materials and related raw materials produced by Sinopec will not rise Meanwhile Sinopec expects to continue to put 95000 tons of various medical and health raw materials into the market in February an increase of 30000 tons over January Subsequently PetroChina made a statement masks and other medical and health materials to produce more fast production to ensure first-line supply! In view of the shortage of medical materials such as medical masks PetroChina's refining and chemical enterprises have increased the load of equipment and produced at full capacity to ensure the supply of raw materials for the production of medical materials Other responsible enterprises have also tried their best to help fight against the "epidemic" In order to alleviate the shortage of raw materials in the market they have made every effort to produce and guarantee supply If downstream enterprises encounter difficulties in resuming work they will actively cooperate coordinate and make due contributions to the country and society Disclaimer This article only represents the author's personal views and has nothing to do with the petrochemical industry going out alliance The authenticity completeness and timeliness of this article and all or part of its contents are not guaranteed or promised by the petrochemical industry going out alliance Readers are only for reference and please verify the relevant contents by themselves Source Process Industries _ _ _ _ Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor
Shanghai College Entrance Examination Is Coming, Shanghai Education Examination Authority Issued an Important Reminder _ Candidates _ Test Points _ Nucleic Acid Jobs - Employee 2022-08-16
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Shanghai College Entrance Examination Is Coming, Shanghai Education Examination Authority Issued an Important Reminder _ Candidates _ Test Points _ Nucleic Acid

Original Title Shanghai College Entrance Examination Is Full Body Disposable Coverall Coming Soon Shanghai Education Examination Authority Issued an Important Reminder Original Title The 2022 Shanghai College Entrance Examination Is Coming Soon Shanghai Education Examination Authority Issued an Important Reminder Before the Examination On July 1 the reporter learned from the Shanghai Education Examination Institute that the 2022 Unified Cultural Examination for Enrollment of Shanghai General Colleges and Universities (hereinafter referred to as the "College Entrance Examination") will be held from July 7 to 9 The specific time and subject arrangement are as follows In order to ensure that candidates can take the exam smoothly the Shanghai Education Examination Institute reminds candidates to pay attention to the following matters First do a good job in epidemic prevention and control 1 Please be sure to do a good job of personal protection Continue to maintain two points and one line at home or school as required Parents or co-residents of candidates should also try to achieve two points and one line do not participate in gathering activities do not have dinner do not enter crowded public places and avoid contact with people and articles at risk of epidemic Candidates are requested to download and truthfully fill in the "2022 Shanghai General College Enrollment Unified Culture Examination Candidates Examination Safety Commitment" and continue to do a good job in health monitoring 2 Before the exam Three days later all candidates are requested to complete two nucleic acid tests according to the regulations (one on July 6) In order to ensure the efficient sampling and centralized delivery of nucleic acid testing for examinees and to achieve quick delivery and quick results each district has a special designated nucleic acid sampling point for Medical Disposable Coverall examinees From 800 am to 1100 am every day from July 4 to 6 single-person and single-tube sampling service is provided for examinee Candidates must go to the nearest special nucleic acid sampling point to complete the sampling Each district has special samples for examinees and the district recruitment agencies will also publish them on the website From July 7 to 8 candidates will be tested for nucleic acid at the test site Please print the paper nucleic acid code in advance After the foreign language listening and speaking test on July 9 candidates are requested to return to the community to complete the nucleic acid test on that day 3 If the examinee has a fever before the exam (Body temperature ≥ 373 ℃) dry cough sore throat decreased sense of smell (taste) diarrhea and other symptoms should immediately go to the hospital for treatment the city's fresh graduates at the same time inform the school social candidates to register in the district recruitment agencies report each district recruitment agencies emergency contact 4 The day of the exam Candidates are required to complete an antigen test before leaving for the test site If there is any abnormality report it to the school or district recruitment agency at the first time Candidates should wear N95/KN95 masks on their way to and from the test site

When entering the examination site they should line up in an orderly manner according to the requirements of epidemic prevention under the guidance of the staff of the examination site In addition to checking certificates candidates must wear masks throughout the process Candidates in the general examination room of the regular examination center are recommended to wear disposable general medical masks throughout the examination after entering the examination room Candidates in other examination rooms must wear at least surgical masks throughout the examination Expand the full text Candidates with fever and other symptoms before the examination candidates with abnormal body temperature when entering the examination site and candidates who fail to meet the requirements of nucleic acid screening will be arranged to take the examination in the spare isolation examination room of the written examination site (the listening and speaking test will be arranged in the designated examination site) Please take full account of traffic weather and other factors go out as early as possible reserve sufficient time for security check temperature measurement and other links before entering the test site and arrive at the test site address on the admission ticket at least 45 minutes in advance (unless otherwise notified) 5 Before the exam Candidates should report in time if they are (1) Confirmed or asymptomatic infection or positive after going out of the cabin; (2) leaving the cabin on or after June 16; (3) It is clearly close or sub-close; (4) Those who are located in the medium and high-risk areas of the city (including returning to Shanghai from the medium and high-risk areas in China within 14 days before the examination); (5) Those who return to Shanghai from low-risk areas in China within 7 days before the examination; (6) Those who are closed due to sudden epidemic situation; (7) Other abnormal conditions Graduates in this city must report to their schools at the first time (social candidates report to the recruitment agencies in the districts where they register) and at the same time candidates and parents (legal guardians) are requested to maintain smooth communication before the exam and prepare for the exam in strict accordance with the requirements of the schools or district recruitment agencies If the closed-loop transfer is involved the examination certificates KN95 Face Mask protective articles and other personal related articles shall be prepared in advance as required

Second prepare for the exam 6 Candidates must take the examination in strict accordance with the time and place of the written examination admission certificate and the listening and speaking test admission certificate 。 On the morning of the 7th candidates are prohibited from entering the examination site 15 minutes after the start of the Chinese subject examination (915 am); on the afternoon of the 7th candidates are prohibited from entering the examination site 15 minutes after the start of the math subject examination (315 pm); on the afternoon of the 8th candidates are not allowed to enter the examination center 15 minutes before the start (245 pm) of the foreign language written examination (including listening); On the 9th the foreign language listening and speaking test must report to the examination site 45 bra tape measure minutes in advance according to the examination session on the admission ticket and enter the preparation room 35 minutes in advance 7 Candidates must carefully read the rules and precautions of the examination room Take the exam in strict accordance with the requirements In order to familiarize candidates with the process of foreign language listening and speaking test the Municipal Education Examination Institute has produced a video on the operation of foreign language listening and speaking test candidates in the National Unified Examination for Enrollment of Shanghai General Colleges and Universities Please watch it carefully 8 Close contact Candidates with closed-loop transshipment such as sub-close contact or medium and high-risk areas must complete all their subjects on the same day before leaving the test site Relevant candidates should bring their own lunch 3 Comply with the examination rules 9 Candidates must consciously abide by the rules of the examination room 5integrity test Beware of false information on the Internet protect their own interests and do not take chances Any violation or illegal act will be dealt with seriously in accordance with the Education Law of the People's Republic of China the Measures for Handling Violations of the National Education Examination and the Amendment (9) to the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China 10 Candidates are not allowed to use mobile phones Smart bracelets (watches) and other mobile communication devices are brought into the test site It is suggested that candidates put their mobile phones at home or send them to their parents and teachers for safekeeping Once the examinee is found carrying a mobile phone in the examination room after the opening of the examination whether it is opened or not it will be treated as cheating Fourth relax and take the exam 11 Please adjust your attitude Relax Before and during the examination candidates should maintain normal eating habits and pay attention to dietary hygiene and nutrition Because of different personal feelings about room temperature candidates are advised to bring a coat to take the exam 12 The exam is over Candidates must obey the command of the examination center wear masks as required take their belongings leave in an orderly manner and do not stay 13 Parents should avoid crowds gathering around the test site Keep communication open during the examination

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